Virtual DJ vs. Serato Scratch

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I would like feedback on the pros and cons of VDJ and Serato Scratch. I own VDJ. Please exclude opinions on any other software. I'm only interested in these two. Fire away!


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They're for completely different types of users. VDJ will automate more tasks for you. Scratch Live is the premiere vinyl emulation software. If you're a club DJ with performance-heavy aspirations, you'll prefer Scratch Live. The only Serato product that is comparable to VDJ is the new Serato DJ. If I were choosing between those two, I'd pick Serato DJ. But just as many guys would choose VDJ. If you own a Denon DN MC6000, you need VDJ (or Traktor). If you have a DDJ-SX, you'll need Serato DJ. What kind of DJ you are will inform your choice.
Being more of a Wedding DJ VDJ works great. I like the playlist option and the fact that it allows me to make a full cocktail hour list and set on auto, this allows me to do other things while the music plays. When the dance portion of the evening starts I can use it as a full mixing program on the fly and not on auto. It is very versatile for what I need.
The new SSL has a playlist?!?!?!?!?!?!?....

I am using 2.3.1 and looked at 2.4.4 release notes and did not see that function added.

What am I missing?????

lil i know that you know but i just don't know what i don't know jimmy


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Jimmy, I use SL2, it has an "auto" feature that will "blend" songs together. I don't use it, but I know it's there. If infact, this is what Dan is talking about ?? If not, keep me out of it. lol
VDJ you can create playlist on the side on the fly. Play the songs as you go through the night. Or you can set that full list to play automatically, walk away, use the restroom, speak with room captain or B/G, come back 15 min. later and it is still playing the list. Great for dinner and cocktail hours. I have already different styles of dinner music and cocktail hours saved in a playlist folder. When I am ready to play one of those list on auto I go to folder select playlist I want and send to playlist on the side and then select auto run...done.
I use an sl1 and have no clue about this feature that "blends" songs together.

I do know that you can use either a pre-made playlist ("crate") or make a temporary one on-the-fly (the "prepare" window) and when using the "auto" feature, it will play through each song from beginning to end....but songs are not faded or blended together.

vdj will do everything. plays more formats. does karaoke. able to play video without additional purchase of a plug-in. i believe more decks. more sample banks. dunno how many cue points, but it can do that too. vdj is also more third-party plug-in friendly.

and if i remember correctly, the pioneer ddj-sx can be used as a midi u CAN use vdj with it.


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and if i remember correctly, the pioneer ddj-sx can be used as a midi u CAN use vdj with it.
Yes, but why in the world would you? You plug it in, it works. Done. And the Serato DJ software is free. If you want to use VDJ that badly, you could spend a lot less on a DN MC6000. Don't get me wrong. I'm SURE there's a YouTube video of some dude doing it. He probably has the time because his schedule is uncluttered by gigs. ;)
I'm SURE there's a YouTube video of some dude doing it. He probably has the time because his schedule is uncluttered by gigs. ;)
OUCH! Someone has gotten a little harsh since they last frequently frequented this forum, lol. Nice to see you posting again Brian. -Z-
If all I was doing was Clubs I would use SERATO.. but because I do more then that, I use VDJ.. one of the best things is the right side play list where I can set a list up for cocktails or dinner, and let it FADE (NOT MIX) between songs. I use this all the time so I can go talk to other vendors, get the intros for weddings organized, etc.. Im not stuck behind my equipment like in the old days of CD's and records. I can also use the VDJ remote IPAD or IPHONE software to control my system. with SERATO, you can have it play a crate but it wont fade between songs. SURE I can do what other do, which is use ITUNES for cocktail music, but I like having ONE program to do everything. When the party gets going, I use TIME CODE with 2 CDJ's so I can mix just like SERATO users!
Here are my thoughts.

I use both of them and what I found in VDJ and Serato is they're both quality softwares that certainly do the job.

- When it comes to controllers, I give the edge to VDJ. When it comes to timecodes, I give it to Serato. When it comes to features, I give it to VDJ, especially in the upgrade department. Serato has gained on the features, but VDJ has converted more new users. Serato is a plug and play, which has its pros and cons. VDJ is more plug, tweek and play, which has it's pros and cons. Going back to timecodes on that note, Serato is a very easy setup with it's sound cards and response on them are by far the best as of right now, especially with standalone mixers, yet I can't speak on the midi controllers with it yet for I haven't tried it. VDJ Timecodes took some serious tweaking, but that invested time allowed me to find myself with some great timecodes for me to do all the things they said you can't do with them (I did a youtube video on it as well). As for sound, I find them close to one another with Serato having a very small edge Since VDJ 7.2. Now my fault when trying to find the better sound was I listened to Serato in a club and VDJ at a mobile gig. So I put them both on passive speakers to see who was better for sound, So I tried, 128, 256 and 320, where they both gave me crisp clean sounds, but Serato was the cleanest by a pinch. As a trained ear, I heard the cleaner bass and vocals were better. Now the thing where I hear a lot of DJ's say they feel Serato for club and VDJ for Mobile, well I say used them both in either place, for I have more than many times used VDJ in clubs and mobile, as Serato in both club and mobile.

At the end of the day, I love Serato, but I give the edge to VDJ for its versatility, because I feel they keep up with my creativity.

That's just my spill


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Nice to see Brian and Dan back posting. I love VDJ and I use the MC6000. My son loves Serato and really loves the new DJ but he uses the NS6. Of course each of us has our own style and dj different types of events and Serato makes him feel like a mixing star. Both are great programs so practice with both to see which suits your style better.


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This may blow a few minds...

I love VDJ for Movie Nights!!

Between cartoons, music videos, video elements (intros, ins and outs, flying logos), and sponsor commercials, it just rocks!

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I find the hardware control and vinyl control on serato to be incomparable. VDJ has a ton of latency. That being said, one gets used to it pretty quickly. After switching to serato for 4 years though, I cannot hardly tolerate VDJ anymore.

The sound quality of serato is far superior to that of VDJ. Even Stef knows it, and he writes the software. With a good quality signal chain comprised of high quality audio gear, the difference is immense. That being said, throw an American Audio or Numark mixer in the mix, and it hardly matters anymore.

I miss many of VDJ's features. What I do not miss is the latency, the extremely occasional lock-ups (extremely occasional.. I find it to be very stable over the last decade, but it has failed me in critical situations)

I love serato's simplicity, it's raw "if you enjoy this mix, it's due to the DJ, not beat matching on virtual DJ's part" truth, and the fact that everyone from the Waiters, to the buss boys to the homeless guy out front don't all say "hey, I have virtual DJ on my machine also!" Part of it is perception. I don't use the gear that random "off the street" guys use.. I differentiate myself with my presentation as well as my gear. If I hire a guy to landscape, and one guy shows up with 13 mexicans in a chevette with shovels, and another guy shows up with a $125k shiny new front loader, I'm gonna' kind of have to believe that the guy with the front loader is a bit more of a pro. It's all about perception.

I'll leave it at that.

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...comes with VDJ LE which is a limited version, and does not have playlists. It will only work with the controller it is supplied with.

You're gonna want to buy the Pro Full version.

BUT, when you buy the controller with the included LE version, you get about a 50% discount off the upgrade to Pro! :)

I use VDJ, it does everything I need and more.


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Psst. FYI The DDJ-SX is natively supported in VDJ 7.4, so you plug it in and it just works. I personally own the DDJ-S1, but I use it with VDJ because there are a fe features I use that Serato Itch/DJ does not. Live camera plugin for video. Auto Fade for Cocktail/dinner hour. If Itch or DJ added those I would go with Serato. I do like it but I use those two features very extensively.


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Psst. FYI The DDJ-SX is natively supported in VDJ 7.4, so you plug it in and it just works.
I learned something. Didn't know that. I've only ever used VDJ with the DN MC6000 and I've owned a DDJ-S1 since it came out. I likely won't use it with S1 or SX anyway because I just like Serato better. But that's good to know for backup purposes. The more, the merrier.
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