VDJ and error on loading music file.

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I've posted this on the VDJ forum - just waiting on some feedback. But I thought I'd run it by y'all as well. I placed two posts:

1) I use iTunes to database all my music, edit tags, adjust and create playlists, etc.

Very recently,I've been doing a lot of updating to playlists and editing of Titles (iTunes terminology), Genres and Comments. My iTunes folder within VDJ, however, now seems pretty messed up. None of the tag changes I made in iTunes are showing up in VDJ, and I have lots of files that load with "error".

I've tried going to the VDJ browser, and clicking Check, Clean, and Fix (in that order and in all other orders) on the only Drive that shows up to the left of those three buttons (Root).

Here's an example of an error on loading a song. Crank Dat - Soulja Boy.

In the search bar (VDJ), I type "crank", and the song shows up as Crank Dat - but can't add to a track without an error.

When I "get info", it gives me:

FilePath=/Users/Jeff/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Soulja Boy/Stacks On Deck/01 Crank Dat.mp3
File will be read with Default Audio decoder
Impossible to open the file !!

Using Finder, I've verified that this file IS in the location it says it is, and iTunes finds and plays it just fine.

Macbook Pro Running VDJ 7.0.4 mac (b364), Mac OS X 10.6.8, iTunes 10.4

2) Found a partial fix for this - please give let me know if there was a better/different way around this, or if I've screwed something up.

1. I renamed VirtualDJ Database v6.xml to VirtaulDJ Database v6backup.xml.
2. Opened VDJ and selected each iTunes folder/playlist (left side of screen) so ID3 tags were read.

Now all my tags are updated to reflect the HOURS of work I did in iTunes to correct dates, genres, etc. However for my specific "Crank Dat" example (and there are others), the song still gives an error on loading and states "Impossible to open the file !!" at the bottom of the File Info window.



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When I "get info", it gives me:

FilePath=/Users/Jeff/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Soulja Boy/Stacks On Deck/01 Crank Dat.mp3
not familier with the macs..
on a windows XP it would also show the drive letter IE: "C:/users/..."

do these files play in Itunes?

do you have the original M4A versions of these songs?
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Only have the .mp3 ...

And they play just fine in iTunes.

As an update, I've deleted my Crank Dat and purchased another one - works fine in iTunes and VDJ.

Maybe I just have a few bad apples (bad mp3s) that need to go. This seems to be relatively isolated.


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don't know about mac but with windows, what I'vve done is right click on the drive where the music is and recurse the drive.


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Any music file that contains DRM will cause errors in VDJ. I've had DRM show up in wma files from Real Player and m3a files from iTunes. D.R.M is a P.I.T.A. You can also get errors from a bad mp3 file.


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Regardless of your not playing issues, when you make changes to any track, VDJ saves the old and the new information. Obviously, if you select the old name, it's not going to work because that file no longer exists.

That's why power users regularly click on



then select the drive where the music files database is located are located (each drive has its onl database, therefore if your music files are spread across thre or four drives, you have to do this procedure for each one.,

select CHECK on each drive

the database will go through and compare what it physically there with what the database says might be.

select CLEAN

the database will dump/erase all file names that no longer physically exist

select FIX

this will optimize/compact the database so that there aren't any holes in it (think of it as a defrag of the database.

In terms of DRM, this question has been answered over and over and over here. Search on DRM removal.
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When clicking check the dialog box says (datas associated with these files will not be lost). Someone at VDJ got this one wrong. Data is already plural. Datum is the singular.

Those must be corrupt files.


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If you have a separate folder just for iTunes tracks, select that folder individually so that all those tracks show up in the middle window.

Select all the tracks (highlight) in the middle window;

Right click on the highlighted/selected middle window file list;

Select BATCH from the context menu;

select RELOAD TAG from the sub context menu;

VDJ will go through and reload whatever the tag information that's contained within the file structure into the data base.

Don't do this until you've done the database CHECK, CLEAN, and FIX routine.
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