Sweet 16 This Friday and....

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I am just wondering if there are any special events that I should be aware of that I am not already.

Thanks to Scott Faver for his great suggestion.......Scott, how do I stop my daughter from laughing when I do the moves??? :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol:

Mom pretty much seems like she wants just music, but are there any special games etc... that go with these parties?? Just don't want to get caught off gaurd.

The dance is at a venue I have been trying to get into.

As Always, Thanks In Advance.

Usually nothing special unless they have a family tradition or something. Most of the time there's a cake cutting and I'll let the parents say something over the mic to the GOH.

For music Top 40 BUT, heres a tip i figured out. If you play some top 40 and mix in some good dance music from AC/DC to Disco to Funk you might get the parents dancing to. Make sure you don't over do it and lose the kids but if you have both groups dancing at once your phone will be ringing from that party monday morning.

P.S. Frank, I'm still available to talk if I can help give me a call tonight (518) 322-9162. I'm booked up Friday and Saturday though. Good luck

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I'm doing a sweet 16 in 2 weeks myself. The party theme is Mardi Gras. They don't have much planned but I'd like to have something new as well just in case. Outside of the usual dances (cha cha, cotton eyed, etc.) I just have music.


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If you need Mardi gras suggestions, Im your guy! Holla when you can at (985)807-6259


16 year olds are generally at teh stage where games and events are way too uncool. Unless the GOH specifically requests a structured activity, stcik with top 40 dance stuff and line dances they'll know. You'll have to ask to know what they know.

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Thanks Frank,

I have a 16 & 17 year old at home. I've got to go look at there play lists but I don't think I'll have much trouble with music. They just want a grand intro because there are two girls being honored. They also have a best mask award and I think that's about it. I always like to have a few things just in case. My limbo pole is always handy and kids this age still love to hula hoop.

If I get a chance I'll give you a call. Thanks for your help.
Rocky and Ron,

My thanks to both of you for responding....looks like a night of Top 40 for me. Just spoke with mom and her quote "You are the DJ, I trust you to know what will work and make for a great party"

A client that actually "gets" it. I'm lovin this woman. Told her my ideas....OK, your ideas..... :wink: for a Grand Entrance etc. Loved em' all.

She thought the grand entrance was a great idea for something different.

Thanks Again Everybody!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry Rocky,
Sometimes I read to fast. Anyway, what song would you use for the grand entrance? I could use some ideas as well.

I'm thinking :roll: Get Ready For This (remix) from Jock Jams, with maybe a little Beatles Birhday mixed in for good measure.
Ussually the young lady chooses a special slow song to dance with some one either a significant other or sometimes the father, this has really been the only "special event" i have found to be consistant throughout sweet sixteen's. They are not much different than doing a highschool dance, mostly top 40 and whatever else the birthday girl suggest.

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