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Well I guess we lost all our old threads. Oh Well!!

That means I have the first thread :lol:

I have been thinking of writing an article for some of the magazines out there. One that has real information and not your basic stuff we always see. So for some input I ask this, what topic would you most like to read about.

The truth about speaker specs
How to choose and select your audio system
How to setup your audio system


One article that I have seen that I'd be interested in is along the lines of system set up. Time alignment(?),Specifically the issues, causes and cures.

I've never played a venue, (maybe it did but I wouldn't be able to recognise it :roll: ), that needed a time correction in audio playback.


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Sounds like a good idea Dave...we've all heard about the same old basic stuff, so I'd like to learn some new advanced stuff. Unfortuntely, I don't really have any ideas for you, but I'm sure others will and I'd be interested in reading it!

I'm all for equipment setup. Most of us have settled on equipment, but still some things about setup evade us. I would like to hear about wireless remote speakers and how to, and I never get tired of seeing ohm/watt formulas...LOL

This is gonna be GREAT. Fast AND easy to read.
How about this.

Understanding The Numbers...How To Choose And Set Up Your Audio System.

This would cover amplifiers, speakers, system front end, processors, hook up, and what ever else I think of in the mean time.

It's going to be long, to long for a magazine article. It would cover everything you need to know to get your system up and running. The thing is I am sure that somebody has already done it.
I too would love to see some of these articles, with this caveat....

Please keep it simple for non-techies like myself. Maybe a troubleshooting list of what to do if you don't have sound but have power etc.......Tim
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