Rane AX30?!

Discussion in 'Tools Of The Trade' started by Stephen W, Jul 25, 2004.

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  1. Stephen W

    Stephen W New Member

    Jan 23, 2003
    We currently have one of these crossovers (stereo, 3way) -- Why can I not find it ANYWHERE ... even on Rane's site? I was hoping to find another one, as ours is going. Its very simple, only 3 knobs on the front, so hard to screw anything up! All the new ones have way to much clutter for my liking. Any clue where I can find this or why I am having such a tough time? It doesn't look to be that old.

    Looking on the back, it does have the model AX 30 across the back. WIERD! :shock:
  2. Steve Saltzman

    Steve Saltzman Member

    Nov 12, 2002
    Are you sure that's not MX-30? From your description I'm guessing that's a Mojo unit, but I thought the model numbers all started with M. I believe Rane discontinued most/all of that line within the last year or two... for their complete crossover selection check out http://www.rane.com/procat.html#cross .
  3. DJGK

    DJGK New Member

    Nov 11, 2002
    The current equivalent to the Mojo series would be the SAC22 and SAC23. Both use balanced in/out's, have single knobs to control both channels and have internal power supplies. Simple yet very functional.

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  4. DanielS

    DanielS New Member

    Nov 24, 2002
    Hi Stephen

    I don't know wether the AX 30 is still in production, but Canal Hifi have the AX 30 in their webshop, http://www.canalhifi.com/cgi-bin/chfstore.cgi?user_action=detail&catalogno=rneax30.
    There's also a RLA X-3000A for sale on ebay, http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=4785&item=3736889560.

    For all who don't know what this crossover is; The Rane AX 30 is Rane's version of the RLA X-3000. The RLA X-3000 was designed by Al Fierstein for Richard Long, who was the man behind the sound systems at Studio 54 and Paradise Garage in NYC in the 70's. It's not a crossover as we know it. The interesting thing with it is that it has a sub output, a tweeter output and a fullrange output. The fullrange output is supposed to connect to another crossover to feed a fullrange system, augmented by additional subs and tweeter arrays.

    All this might seem a bit odd, but it is the way Richard Long designed his legendary sound systems. The crossover was placed next to the mixer to enable the DJ to tweak the sound during mixing. For mor info on the Paradise Garage system, go to http://www.acoustilog.com/disco1.html. Crossover frequencies were fixed at 100Hz for subs and 7kHz for tweeters. The original RLA X-3000 used 18dB/octave Butterworth filters, while the Rane manufactured RLA X-3000A and AX 30 used 24dB Linkwitz-Riley filters.

  5. Brandon Fisher

    Brandon Fisher Active Member

    Oct 15, 2002
    This should fit the bill:
    SAC 23
  6. DJ Lava

    DJ Lava New Member

    Nov 12, 2002
    The RLA crossovers now produced by GSA are quite popular in NY and you will find them in a significant number of clubs. These crossovers are used minimally in a 3-way system sub-full-tweeter array but most often used in 4 and 5-way systems. The purpose is both for effect and so that the DJ can fine tune each track so that it sounds good over the system. Because the Rane uses 24db slopes it obviously sounds different then the 18db slope crossover that was originally made.

    you can see them in these links


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