prom event pictures

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sorry about the bad picture quality in new Nikon digital camera is under-impressing me. very, very much.

here are some better set-up pictures.


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Dude -

I haven't heard from you in quit a long time. It's great to see you around the boards. Nice looking setup, crappy shootin' camera! HA HA HA!!! Keep up the great job and come around more often!


Thanks for the compliments Dan, Aaron, and Brandon!
I've gotten some questions, so here's the deal.
the truss is completely pre-wired with 2 non-intel relay packs. all the wiring is on the truss, just hang the light and plug it in. 2x 8' sticks of applied tri-truss on L-11's. completely pre-wired and labeled along with the lights and cords.
Just today got the new AMerican DJ Megaflash strobe to hopefully be a step up from the Energy One's, which I'm trying to sell, since I thought you could link them withOUT a controller. Besides that...set up is pretty much mint. Sounds super good (need some more powerful amps-3402's), and the light show is pretty awesome. this event didn't allow fog, as very few do any more.
For those of you asking about me...I'm 17, owning the business since I was 9. In the pictures, that's me on the right, with another entertainer of mine, Tony, on the right. I also employ my dad as my roadie/the-guy-who-drives-home-after-long-shows-when-I'm-too-tired-to-drive guy. :)
It's all pulled in a 5x10' enclosed Haulmark with folddown tailgate, extended height, the works.


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djmm said:
A bit too much hugging between you and your helper....

Just kidding bro.

Great setup!!!

You should be proud!

LOL, I was thinking the very same thing, i was starting to feel a little uncomfortable, nice setup anyhow, keep it up!

:oops: :roll:"helper". hah, no, I just wanted a nice picture for our website. I hope it's not "too much" .

Oh gosh, I better stop now....I just can't get it to sound right. :evil:
haha guys.
it's good to hear from you guys. i'll stop by more often, but later.
right now, i have to go outside, my GIRLFRIEND is waiting for me.


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What's his name? Is he a dj like you?

Seriously... if/when you turn straight, I will let you know when I am doing a show next at Geauga Lake. I do one there every year. It's a big show with dual video screens and a bunch of other stuff... I could use a hand getting in and out if you are free.

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