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I'm looking to purchase my first projection setup and thought I'd stop by to see what you guys are using. I'd need some type of stand for the projector and a decent screen. What height should the stand be?

Do you guys prefer front or rear projection screens? In theory rear looks cleaner but I've never used one so I don't know if it's any good.

How are you connecting from the laptop to the projector? I use VDJ and a MAC so I'd like to use the same setup I'm djing with for sound. I was thinking of purchasing a 50 foot VGA for the connection as I haven't seen anything affordable that will do a good job at a wireless connection.



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I use a standard Ultimate TS-66, 6 ft Speaker Tripod for my Dell 2400MP projector with wide angle lens adapter. My screen is a fixed frame 7' diagonal which is suspended above my DJ station from a telescoping pool vacuum pole attached to the top of my speakers via O-Clamps. The speakers are sit atop Ultimate TS-99, 9 ft Tripods.
Hi Nicky,

Do you have pics of that setup? I'm having problems picturing it.


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I'll see what I can's buried on one of my 5 laptops.

The room was fairly small, holds about 50 people. This was a teen 15th birthday and my setup space in that corner was extremely small; Not enough distance from projector to screen to fill the screen even with the wide angle adapter on my Dell 2400MP projector. About 6 months after this gig, I purchased four 42" TVs and put hanging hooks on them to use with a T-bar on Ultimate TS-99 stands.

This when I realized that a newer wide throw projector would've helped BUT to do that would've eliminated the projectors ability to zoom! ...... an obvious trade off.


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Rear is better. Less ambient light interference.

Did an auction on Thursday with 12 K10 from our inventory and 4 EXK 15 subs an 3 Dell Mp2400 projector screen setups. It sounded sweet.
Thank you all for the recommendations. I went with the Epson Duet 80-inch screen. I used a regular speaker stand instead of the included one to get it a bit higher. What I really liked about it is that when it's not in use, I can close it and it looks really clean.

Make it a great one.
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