PLEASE READ: Cutting and pasting from other sites

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Mark Evans

Mobile Beat Moderator
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Recently, we have had a lot posts and threads in which material that is originated on other forums outside PRODJ have been cut and pasted onto PRODJ. We would like to request that this practice be stopped, as we are violating the privacy of the members of those sites who are posting within their environment that they signed up for. We may also be violating certain copyright rules as well. Conversely, we at PRODJ also require that material FROM PRODJ not be posted on other sites, as that violates YOUR rights to privacy.

It's OK/fine if you wish to post a link to a site to facilitate discussion.

However, please refrain from cut and pasting of entire threads with email addresses and personal comments from those people.

We will delete all threads of this nature going forward. We thank you for your time, understanding, and anticipated cooperation
Not open for further replies.