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    Nov 13, 2009
    Cameron and Courtney are one fun couple– and their guests proved to be in the same mindset. The wedding started off with a lot of energy and ended just as upbeat.
    The ceremony worried Sagar and I, as the weather pulled through and was clear (and overcast, yay) just long enough for the ceremony and photos to occur. Luckily, the storms ended about 30 minutes before the ceremony began. *whew*
    The reception itself was a blast, as I got to play quite a few songs that are on my personal favorites list, including Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me.” Their first dance, Lady A’s I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, is also one of my favorite songs. Check out the video to see more!
    We did the blindfold bait ‘n’switch garter replacement, per their request (these are always fun), but no one expected the switchee’s pants to come off– LOL!
    The Magnolia building was well lit with our standard light show and also adorned with our laser starfield. Check out the photos and video clip below!




    More pics on my page... seems there's a limit here. :(

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    More @...
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