Okay, okay. I'll admit it.


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Sorry so long between, guys. I know it's expo season, but that's when I'm most available. Most of you are aware that I haven't spun a record in ages, but will likely get my second gig of the last ten years any minute, now, scheduled for mid-September.

But I'll admit that I got lead BACK to here from a search for the chimera-like entity of the "last ten" discs of the old "P/O-ETV" Platinum Series. Someone VERY close to me, ;) , has the original 40. Matter of fact, that same person has a complete, (as of 2001), Morgenstern series and a COMPLETE set of Canal St. Ltd "DJ Tools". But that's besides the point.

Back to that gig. I still use CDs. I have no use for nor the time to spend digitizing everything. Why? Because LAST TIME I decided to change format it was a toss-up between CD, Minidisc and .au/.wav! The SECOND I make a decision like that, I'll ruin it for at least half of you!
Howdy Lou. Nice to see you. Are you still in upstate New York? (at least, I seem to recall you moved there from Joisey.) I still have a ton of Promo Only, Morganstern and several lesser known subscription discs gathering dust in my down-stairs store room... I'll probably donate them to the community radio station operated by our nearby First Nations Indian Reserve. My CD days, like the days of lugging milk-crates full of vinyl, are long gone and I don't miss either system one little bit. I still do two, and sometimes three karaoke gigs a week, which makes me (and my back) appreciate that three-pound laptop. And by the way, as much as I loved doing DJ gigs, especially wedding receptions, I really don't miss them either. Life is good.