New Swing Out Sister Cd Drops!

Well it's been a long time coming...since the fall of 2014 as best I can recall, but Swing Out Sister finally dropped their crowd-funded CD, "Almost Persuaded"
It's available via all the usual digital download spots and from

They've matured past their sophista-pop sound of earlier days and have become unapologetically sophista-jazz (if that's not redundant) or at the very least, sophista-spa. Both the music and the production is excellent and was clearly worth the 3+ years it took to put it out. If there's anything negative to say it's that most of the music is not "happy" or "snappy". It's mostly deep & reflective, which is probably where Corinne & Andy are at this stage of their lives & careers. It's nice that crowd funding allows a band like this to depart from being a slave to top-40 charts and lets the music go where the artist(s) want it to go. If you want bubble-gum tunes this is not the CD for you, but if you appreciate very sophisticated and deep music and music production, you're going to love this CD.



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In my wedding sets, I still have Am I the Same Girl and Fa la La Means I Love You for dinner/cocktails.

I ave been a fan since Twilight World was released.