Just play one more song.....please!

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Just thought I would drop this one on everybody as I'm sure people are always screaming for more at our gigs.

What is your favorite last song/"just play one more" song?
At that point if I'm already done with my set list and ready to pack up and their still yelling for one more tune I usually will throw it back at them and let them decide. If they still want something bad enough they will usually come up with a good tune. Their patient while I tell them I cueing it up. It usually work well and we end the night on their request.


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I always announce that the next song is the last one, and it's usually a guest request. No specific song, as there is no one song that everyone will dance to at any time for any event during anytime of the year.

It's situational. Sometimes I get that "one more song", other times I don't.

If I had to pick, I'd always rather play a fast one, like the Electric Slide, or if it's 80's something Funk or R&B.

But I always close down a wedding with Freeway of Love by Aretha Franklin and do a voice over to tell people goodnight and safe journey while I am telling them thanks for their participation.
If you don't mind the 8 minutes worth of music, it's a great time for the inevitable Paradise by the Dashboard Light. You get to start packing up at you liesure, they get totally worn out and don't ask for another.
At the bar I used to play regularly, I always ended with Skynyrd "Tuesday's Gone", followed by Prince "Kiss".

I stil play "Kiss " as my last song, sometimes.
B-) I like to use Piano Man; Goodnight Sweetheart; Last Dance; The Load Out/Stay and we have a version of Closing Time with a built in promo for our company :wink:


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When the "paid time" is over with, its very hard to say "NO" to a bunch of freeloaders who are TOO CHEAP to "pass the hat" to come up with the extra $$ to pay for overtime!

Nevertheless, my "formula" has been to turn the volume down 1/2 and play Bob Marley ("Waiting In Vain," "Three Little Birds") and UB-40 ("Red Red Wine", "Can't Help Falling In Love").

While the reggae is playing, about 10 minutes worth, I thank the crowd for partying with me, to please drive safely, and the usual congratulations to the B/G or other Guest Of Honor. I also use that time to remove ALL my CDs from the premises, and packing up the song lists etc.

I have found that the extra minutes are a good will gesture and nobody has ever "complained" since I'M ON MY OWN TIME--I'M GOING TO PLAY WHAT I WANT. the Reggae music seems to be popular with the widest age group, and I happen to really love the tunes.


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"Louie, Louie" always seems to work well. A few minutes past the allotted time won't make or break me. Just means I've been doing my job, and that they are having fun.
I usually give the crowd their "Ah c'mon... just one more" whether they ask for it or not....

A typical ending might be "Wasn't That A Party" by the Irish Rovers. This would be followed by "Stranger On The Shore" where I do my talk-overs/thank-yous for the last few bars...... and then slam into something like The Beatles' "Rock & Roll Music" as my assistant brings up the house lights.

For a wedding reception, where the B&G stay til the bitter end, I'll usually have the crowd form an arch-way, and send the newly married couple off with their first dance song.

Cheers from Kamloops, BC (where we finally got our first skiff of snow last night).
This one is very simple for me and I DO get "play one more song" chanting in the crowd with the drunk guy always saying "YOU SUCK" if I don't. So...what I do is announce the last song 7 minutes before ending and say it's been fun and all that, when that song ends you will still be on the clock and they will think "one more song" is a freebie and you make them happy while not going over your end time. The last song is usually Dirty Dancing - I've Had the Time Of My Life, works most every time.

The venues also appreciate that and usually the customer is happy you gave in for just one more :wink:
Happy Trails from Van Halen.

It's been fun having you and it's been fun being had, but now it's time to go home.

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!!!
it all depends on the nite. sometimes i get thru a nite without playing a major hit so if everyone is undecided, i throw it on. other times i ask the crowd what they want and everybody yells out all these different things. depending on what i hear, type of crowd, and other factors, i choose an appropriate song from there. sometimes the person in charge or someone who knows the group at the party well will request a specific song. last nite i had this happen at an xmas party. the manager of the restaurant (it was the restaurant company's xmas party) requested for Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing". cued it up, let it play, packed floor...and they STILL wanted more, but they knew it was really over....
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