HD mix HD replacement issue.

Hello. I have an Numark HDMIX that I need to set up a new external drive. I just set up a XP compatible 4TB drive NTFS external and the HDMIX will not read it. Any Idea why it is not working. Thank you.


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I would contact Numark. What size was the old external hard drive? Perhaps the "XP" compatible feature will not support that size of drive. I had thought that the max HD size for XP compatible was maybe 1 TB, or 750 at most. You may need to revisit the HD size.


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Thanks everyone. Called Numark today and they said OS should not matter. They suggested going with Exfat instead of NTSF formatting (The manual says to format FAT 32 - Which is not an option on this drive). If that doesn't work, I'll try partitioning. The working drive I'm currently using is a 1TB, and my replacement is a 4TB.