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Trade In On Your Terms
Audio-Technica is offering a “Trade In On Your Terms” program to help you make the switch out of 600 MHz. For each 600 MHz wireless
system you trade in (regardless of manufacturer) you’ll receive a rebate on an eligible Audio-Technica wireless system.
To give you the flexibility to budget and switch to a new system, we are running this trade-in program
from August 15, 2017 through March 31, 2019.
How To Trade In Your 600 MHz System:
1. Verify that your trade-in system operates in the 600 MHz band. Your receiver and/or transmitter should include a sticker with the
frequency range. If any part of the listed frequency range falls within the 614 – 698 MHz range, your system will eventually be
prohibited from operating and is eligible for trade in.
2. Purchase an eligible Audio-Technica wireless system from an authorized Audio-Technica dealer in the U.S. and its territories
between 8/15/2017 and 3/31/2019.
- 2000 Series (single channel): $50 trade-in rebate
- 3000 Series (single channel): $75 trade-in rebate
- 4000 Series (single channel): $150 trade-in rebate
- 5000 Series (dual channel): $450 trade-in rebate
- System 10 Stack-Mount (single channel): $50 trade-in rebate
- System 10 Stompbox (single channel): $50 trade-in rebate
- System 10 Camera-Mount (single channel): $75 trade-in rebate
- System 10 PRO Rack-Mount (single channel): $75 trade-in rebate
- System 10 PRO Rack-Mount (dual channel): $150 trade-in rebate
- M2 (single channel): $90 trade-in rebate
- M3 (single channel): $120 trade-in rebate
3. Register ONLINE at
Offer Promotion #78844
4. Once registered, you will need to follow the instructions provided and mail the following documents and equipment:
- Printed trade-in rebate form.
- A copy of the sales receipt for your new A-T system with store name, date of purchase, model number and price
paid clearly legible.
- The original (not a copy) UPC bar code cut from the product box of each new A-T system purchased.
Not from the shipping carton.
- Your old 600 MHz wireless system (receiver and transmitter). Note: To receive the full trade-in rebate on a dual-channel system
you must send in two channels (i.e., two single-channel receivers or one dual-channel receiver, plus two transmitters) from
a 600 MHz system.
NOTE: All items above must be included with appropriate postage postmarked by 4/30/2019 in order for trade-in to be honored.
Do not use this form for submittal as it is for instructions and information only.


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