Crown vs. other amps??? Opinions needed

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I have always used Crown amps. Ce2000 have been my workhorses and my backups. Recently I was reading about the new Crown XTI series. For a few more bucks, it seems you get more "bang for your buck". I always have heard so many good things about QSC. Any thoughts on QSC versus the NEW LINE of Crown? Thanks in advance!

You'll get a lot of QSC lovers around here. I am like you, a Crown fan. My Crown amps have never let me down...

To be completely honest, I have never used a QSC product, but I don't think you could go wrong with either! I say this because there are so many positive reviews of QSC.

For me, I got an AWESOME deal on my Crown Amps (over 50% disc.) so, it only made sense to go with the Crown.

I have 3 Crown Powertech 3.1 and a Powerbase 2 and they are all rock solid, done many many gigs run long and hard and they stay ice cold
I ahve always been a big fan of Crown and I will always recomend them. I did use 2 QSC PLX 3002's for awhile but I just didn't like them as well as the K2's.


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The PLX2s are very nice amplifiers. If it's the PLX2s vs the Crown XTi's i would give the slight edge to the PLX's, here's why

1.) The PLX line has an extremely good track record. They have been industry workhorses, with very very little problem. The XTi is relatively new and has yet to prove itself.

2.) The XTi's DSP is a cool looking, but probably not very useful for most of us. The PLX2's also have cool switchable filters built in the back, that will act as a crossover if you like. However, I do like the built in hard-limiter of the Crown XTi.

3.) XTi is kinda like crown's low level amp. While the PLX is QSC's mid level amp. This is apparent in the country of origin, China vs USA made. This may or may not matter to you.

Power draw betweent the two amps are similiar. Keep in mind that the XTi doesn't have any of the awesome technology that higher grade Crown amps have in them. Don't let the name fool ya! The XTi's don't have i-class/bca technology, nor does it have Power factor correction (PFC)
I hvae both a Crown and a QSC ...

The QSC is the SHIZZY!!!!!!!
I have the PLX3402! It has more power then I know what to do with and its SUPER light! The amp is amazing. I have been VERY happy with my QWC
I bought a new Crown PowerBase 2 about 9 years ago. It was my primary amp for 6 years. I bought a Mackie 1400i because it had a filter and easy switching for running subs in bridged mono, and throughputs to also feed the same signal to powered speakers.

I recently speny close to 300.00 repairing the Mackie. The Crown has never been in the shop, and is back to being my primary amp. I bought a Crown because it was recommended to me by three different sound engineers and a number of other DJs.

I've seen a lot of good compliments on QSCs, but I also remember some specific models had a lot of ribbon problems (about 4-5 years ago). I've seen more DJs using QSC than Crown, but I suspect one of the main reasons is lighter weight, not track record.

Just keep in mind that "great deals" are relative. A 300.00 amp that supplies mediocre to fair performance for 3 years is not nearly as good a deal as a 600.00 amp that provides GREAT performance for 10 years or more.


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The ribbon problems occurred when the PLX first was released. QSC sent out a recall notice and provided complementary repairs. It hasn't been an issue since.

There are several amplifier brands that I know and trust. And if you want to talk reliability, I have a Carver PM-1.5 that I bought used in 1997 that has a date from the 1980s listed inside the unit. Outside of cleaning the contacts, this amp has never needed work.
Have a Crown CE1000 that hasn't given me any problems, I-Tech 4000 that is "da bomb", and a PLX 2402 that I just built a new smaller rig around.

I prefer Crown personally, but for the price of the 2402, I couldn't pass it up.

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Both Crown and QSC have been very good to me both as the end user as well as selling them. I have both brands in my arsenal of amplifiers and have yet to have one of them even hiccup at all.

There is a slight difference in sound quality between the two that I notice, but neither brand has ever done me wrong.

If anyone needs either of these brands, shoot me an e-mail. I can pass on nice savings to you:)



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Both are a fine amp.

I own two QSC amps (PLX3402), and they rock the house with no issues.

When I need that "extra push", I have access to a Crown Powertech, and it is a fine amp. More weight and rack space than the QSC, but very durable.
In 1984 I bought a used QSC from a teen club that I worked at for $200. They had bought it from the the "rental" department of a local sound company. I still own that amp today and use it to power booth monitors on the ocasion that I need a monitor (big gyms etc). In that time it has given me no problems. I did open it up and replace all the capacitors a few years back since they were getting a little old and dried out.

These days I run a QSC RMX2450 as my main amp of choice. Extreamly heavy (45lbs) but solid so far. I've used crowns and liked them but I have never owned one.
I use QSC RMX series amps and I've done just about everything with and to them. Clipped, shorted outputs, etc. and the have never skipped a beat. I've seen a lot of places with Crown amps (CEs and Ks mostly) and they never have problems either. With these two amp manufacturers, its all about competition and this is one case where you, the consumer, definitely win. :)
I don't think you can go wrong either way ... QSC and Crown both make awesome amps! My self and a few others that have posted has BOTH Crown and QSC ... Im happy with both! I just wish my CE2000 was lighter and only 2 space!


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Crown, Crest and QSC are the three top names in the industry although there are others thant can keep up. I've always contended that IF you use is to be 'bass heavy', go with the higher current Crown or Crest amps. If power to weight is you concern, go QSC. Just remember to compare apples-to-apples when running comparisons. When you talk Crown MacroTech, don't compare them to the PLX/PLX2 .... the PL series is where you go or look at Crest CA's. When you talk Crown CE series (except for the 4000), compare them to QSC's RMX series.

Personally I wouldn't hesitate to use QSC's on my tops and a CROWN for the subs so long as my RMS power ratios remained in the 1 - 3 or 4 range.

Of course, we must keep in mind not to mix and match QSC and Crown on the same rack!

Crown draws air from the front, and exhaust hot air in the back.

Qsc draws air from the back and exhaust in the front.

Mix them up, and you'll circulate hot air. NOT GOOD!
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