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Chuck The DJ

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I am doing a 4 hour car show where they would like me to play "car music". Now I know some car songs, but I could use your help so I can fill 4 hours.

Thanks in advance! :D
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Here are a few. Hope this helps.

Mustang Sally - Wilson Picket
Little Red Corvette - Prince
Little Red Rodeo - Collin Raye
Cars - Gary Newman
Car Wash - Rose Royce
Start The Car - Travis Tritt
Kiss Me In The Car - John Berry
Freeway of Love - Aritha Franklin
Mercury Blues - Alan Jackson
Drive - Alan Jackson
Counting Blue Cars - Dishwalla
Power Windows - Billy Falcon
Ragtop - Brother Phelps (Of Kentucky Headhunter Fame)
Ragtop Cadilac - Lonestar
Travilin' Music - Dennis Robbins
Guitars & Cadilacs - Dwight Yokam

I will se if I can find some more. :lol:
Here's some:

Ragtop Day- Jimmy Buffett
Red Ragtop- Tim McGraw
Drive My Car- Beatles
Born To Be Wild- Steppenwolf (yeah, I know it's motorcycles, but it works!)
Pink Cadillac- Springsteen
409- Beach Boys
GTO-Ronnie And The Daytonas
Fun, Fun, Fun- Beach Boys
Little Duece Coupe- Beach Boys
Don't Worry Baby- Beach Boys
Shut Down- Beach Boys
Dead Man's Curve- Jan & Dean
Little Old Lady From Pasadena- Jan & Dean
Racing In The Streets- Springsteen
Six Days On The Road- Various Country Artists
Let It Roll- Little Feat
Radar Love- Golden Earring
Midnight Rider- Gregg Allman
Greased Lightnin'- Grease
Low Rider- War
Life Is A Highway- Tom Cochrane
Crosstown Traffic- Jimi Hendrix
Mercedes Benz- Janis Joplin
Maybelline- Chuck Berry
No Particular Place To Go- Chuck Berry
You Can't Catch Me- Chuck Berry
Hot Rod Lincoln- Commander Cody
Cruisin- Smokey Robinson/ Huey Lewis & Gwyneth Paltrow from Duets
Vehicle- Ides Of March
Roll On Down The Highway- BTO
Chevy Van- Sammy Johns
I Can't Drive 55- Sammy Hagar
On The Road Again- Willie Nelson
Traffic Jam- James Taylor
Highway Song- Blackfoot
American Pie- Don McLean


"Captain Tunes"
I do between 6 - 10 car shows every year and it all depends on what type of show it is. Like whenever I do a show for the older classic car owners I stick with all the classic oldies. I went to the record store and they had a lot of oh like crusin to the oldies cd's and just stuff like that. I'm sure your local record store will have so many to choose from it should cover 4 hours easily. Now for like low rider show's.... well thats just a whole nother story. Well good luck.
I know there are repeats here, but here's a copy & paste of my car, road, and riding list:

409 Beach Boys
The Ballad Of Thunder Road Robert Mitchum
Country Roads James Taylor
Cars Gary Numan
Car Wash Rose Royce
Drive My Car Beatles
Forty Miles Of Bad Road Duane Eddy
Leader Of The Pack The Shangri-Las
King Of The Road Roger Miller
Black Denim Trousers & Motorcycle Boots The Cheers
Dead Man's Curve Jan and Dean
Fun, Fun, Fun The Beach Boys
G.T.O. Ronny and the Daytonas
Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car Billy Ocean
Hot Rod Lincoln Johnny Bond
Seven Little Girls Sittin' In The Back Seat Paul Evans
Little Deuce Coupe Beach Boys
Little Cobra The Rip Chords
Little Honda The Hondells
Little Old Lady From Pasadena Jan and Dean
Little Red Corvette Prince
Maybelline Chuck Berry
Road Runner The Gants
Shut Down The Beach Boys
Stick Shift The Duals
Drag City Jan and Dean
Holiday Road Lindsey Buckingham
On The Road Again Willie Nelson
Hit The Road Jack Ray Charles
Mr. Limousine Driver Grand Funk Railroad
Hot Rod Hearts Robbie Dupree
Gotta See Jane R. Dean Taylor
(I'm A) Road Runner Jr. Walker and the All Stars
Pink Cadillac Aretha Franklin or Bruce Springsteen
(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Manhattan Transfer, etc.
Cruisin' Booker T. and the MG's
Autobahn Kraftwerk
Graceland Paul Simon
Highway 49 Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Howlin' Wolf, or George Thorogood
Highway 51 Bob Dylan
Highway Chile Jimi Hendrix
Hobo's Lullaby Woody or Arlo Guthrie
Life Is a Highway Tom Cochrane
Me & Bobby McGee Janis Joplin or Kris Kristofferson
On the Road Again Willie Nelson
Rockin' Down the Highway Doobie Brothers
Slow Ride Foghat
Take Me Home Country Roads John Denver
Thunder Road Bruce Springsteen
Ventura Highway America
American Pie Don McLean
Beep Beep Playmates
Cadillac Ranch Bruce Springsteen or Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Chevrolet ZZ Top
Chevy Van Sammy Johns
In My Merry Oldsmobile Bing Crosby
Mercedes Benz Janis Joplin
Mercury Blues Alan Jackson

Hope this helps. Have fun with the show!
Depending on what kind of car show it is:

Ride Wit Me-Nelly
Jeeps, Le Coups, Bimaz & Benz-Lost Boyz
Mercedes Boy
Heads Carolina, Tails California-JoDee Messina (unsure)
Cadillac Ranch-Chris Ledoux
Start the commotion (or other songs used in car commercials)
School Days? (riding along in my automobile...)

Here's a couple of songs that are kind of stretching it:

Detroit Rock City
Last Kiss

Wasn't there a song that said something about the radio playing music in beat with the sound of the wipers or the rhythm of the rain? Possibly The Judds?
Memory jog! I think it's Eddie Rabbitt, "Driving My Life Away." Early eighties. (The Judds may have done a version, or another similar song, but I don't know -- I don't keep up with country as much as I probably should.)

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Couldn’t locate that list, but here’s some of the ones that I enjoy hearing whenever I do a car event…

Hot Rod Lincoln – Charlie Ryan (1955), Johnny Bond (1960), or Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen (1972)

Route 66 – Rolling Stones (1964)

Move Out Little Mustang – The Fabulous Baggies (1965)

Jaguar And Thunderbird – Chuck Berry (1954)

Rocket 88 – Jackie Brenston (1954)

Drive Faster – The Vicksburgs (1964 - from “That Thing You Do”)

Rapid Roy The Stock-Car Boy – Jim Croce (1973)

Rev It Up And Go – Stray Cats (1981)

Hot Rod Man – Tex Rubinowitz (1981 – sounds exactly like it should’ve been done around 1955!)

One Piece At A Time – Johnny Cash (1975)

The Ballad Of Thunder Road – Robert Mitchum (1954 – yes, THAT Robert Mitchum…he wrote and performed the title song, starred in the movie too!)

Tom Slick – TeeVee Tunes (1967)

Speed Racer – TeeVee Tunes (1969)

Keep on Rockin’,


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There will probably be some PT Cruisers there, and you should get at least one of the PT Cruiser songs that's out. One is "It Was A PT Cruiser" by Lou Hobbs, one is "PT Cruiser" by Al Jardine, and the last one is "Gotta Have A Cruiser Blues" by Bob Mccall.

Chuck The DJ

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WOW!!! Thank you all, now I just need to get started.! LOL I did order that CD set, it might be all I need! Thanks again and again,,,,

Ken Heath

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(these are the ones I carry with me to all Car Show Events)...

409 – Beach Boys
409 – Competitors
Alky Burner – Darts (instrumental)
B Gas Rickshaw - Jan & Dean
Ballad Of Bonneville – Don Brandon
Ballad of Thunder Road – Robert Mitchum (yes, the actor)
Barons, West L.A. - Jan & Dean
Be Thankful For What You Got - William De Vaughn
Beep Beep – Playmates
Big Boss Man - The Winners
Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots – The Cheers (hey, car guys like bikes too!)
Bonneville Bonnie - The Rip Chords
Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf (motorcycle song actually)
Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen
Boss – The Rumblers
Boss Barracuda - The Surfaris
Boss Dance – Jerry Cole & his Spacemen
Bucket “T” - Jan & Dean
Built For Speed – Stray Cats
Burnin’ Rubber - Gene Moles & The Softwinds
Camaro – Cyrkle
Camshaft (instrumental) - Tommy Dugan & The Hot Rodders
Candy Apple Blue – Deuce Coupes (instrumental)
Car 54, Where Are You – TeeVee Tunes
Car Trouble – The Eligibles
Cars & Dates, Chrome & Clubs - Jim Croce
Cassius Love vs. Sonny Wilson (Commercial w/ Little Duece Coupe) - Beach Boys
Cheater Slicks – Super Stocks
Checkered Flag - The Winners
Chevy Van – Sammy Johns
Chicken – Bert Convy & the Cheers (Yes, the Game Show Host)
Chute (instrumental) - Tommy Dugan & The Hot Rodders
Convoy – C.W. McCall (truck song)
Cops & Rodders - The Winners
Corvair Baby - Paul Revere and the Raiders
Crocodile Rock – Elton John
Cruisin’ – Darts (instrumental)
Cruisin’ – Stray Cats
Cuban Cabbie - Ricky Ricardo
Dead Man’s Curve – Jan & Dean
Detroit Iron – Darts (instrumental)
Detroit Rock City – Kiss
Deuces Wild – De-Fenders (instrumental)
Double A Fueler – Deuce Coupes (instrumental)
Down Lok - The Winners
Drag Beat – De-Fenders (instrumental)
Drag City – Jan & Dean
Drive - Incubus
Drive Faster – The Vicksburgs
Drive In Show – Eddie Cochran
Drive My Car – Beatles
Drive-In - Beach Boys
Driving Little Deuce – Jerry Cole & his Spacemen
Drop That Flag - The Winners
Eastbound And Down – Jerry Reed (truck song)
Fleet Mills (instrumental) - Tommy Dugan & The Hot Rodders
Four Banger – De-Fenders (instrumental)
Four On The Floor – Super Stocks
Freeway Flyer – Jan & Dean
Freeway Of Love – Aretha Franklin
Fun, Fun, Fun – Beach Boys
G.T.O – Ronny & The Daytonas
Gas Heat (instrumental) - Tommy Dugan & The Hot Rodders
Gas Money - The Rip Chords
Gear Masher - Deuce Coupes (instrumental)
Greased Lightning – Grease (WARNING: PROFANITY: Not actually suitable for children no matter how many times their parents let them watch the movie!)
Helen Wheels - Wings
Hey Little Cobra – Rip Chords
Highway Patrol – TeeVee Tunes
Highway Star - Deep Purple
Hollywood Drag – Darts (instrumental)
Horace, The Swingin’ School Bus Driver – The Fantastic Baggies
Hot Rod High - The Knights
Hot Rod Lincoln – Charlie Ryan (original from 1955)
Hot Rod Lincoln – Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen (third and highest charting remake-used Johnny Bond’s rewritten lyric-1972)
Hot Rod Lincoln – Johnny Bond (first remake/rewrite 1960)
Hot Rod Man – Tex Rubinowitz
Hot Rod Race – Jimmy Dolan
Hot Rod USA – The Fantastic Baggies
I Get Around – Beach Boys
In The Parkin’ Lot - Beach Boys
It’s A Gas – Rumblers
Jaguar and Thunderbird – Chuck Berry
Judge GTO Breakaway - Paul Revere and the Raiders
King Of The Road – Roger Miller
Last Kiss – J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers
Leader Of The Pack – Shangri-Las (yet another cycle song!)
Little Deuce Coupe – Beach Boys
Little Deuce Coupe – Competitors
Little Deuce Coupe – De-Fenders (instrumental)
Little Honda – Beach Boys (another cycle song, but still)
Little Honda – Hondells (OK, another cycle song)
Little Honda – Pat Boone (still a cycle song…but it’s Pat!)
Little Old Lady (from Pasadena) – Jan & Dean
Little Red Corvette – Prince
Little Scrambler - Ronnie & The Daytonas
Little Street Machine - Hot Rod Rog
Low Rider - War
Maybellene – Chuck Berry
Maybelline – Johnny Rivers
Maybelline – Paul Revere and the Raiders
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo – Lobo
Monkey See – Deuce Coupes (instrumental)
Move Out, Little Mustang – The Fantastic Baggies
Mr. Gasser – Mr. Gasser and the Weirdos
Mustang Sally – Wilson Picket
My Mighty G.T.O. - Jan & Dean
My Mother The Car – TeeVee Tunes
My Stingray - The Four-Speeds
Nadine – Chuck Berry
New York’s A Lonely Town – Tradewinds
Night Drive – Ventures
Night Rumble – The Duals
Nite Prowler - Deuce Coupes (instrumental)
No Particular Place To Go – Chuck Berry
Off The Line (instrumental) - Tommy Dugan & The Hot Rodders
Old Car Made In ’52 (country) - The Rip Chords
One Piece At A Time - Johnny Cash
Panama - Van Halen
Pedal Pusher – Ventures
Powder Blue Mercedes Queen - Paul Revere and the Raiders
Power Shift – Competitors
Puffer (instrumental) - Tommy Dugan & The Hot Rodders
Race With The Devil – Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps
Race With The Devil – Stray Cats
Radar Love - Golden Earring
Rapid Roy (that stock car boy) – Jim Croce
Readin’, Roddin’ & Racin’ - The Super Stocks
Rev It Up & Go – Stray Cats
Ride Wit Me - Nelly
Road Rattler - Deuce Coupes (instrumental)
Road Runner – De-Fenders (instrumental)
Road Runner – Gants
Rockin’ Little Roadster - Jan & Dean
Rocky Road Blues - Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps
Rollin in my 5.0 - Vanilla Ice
Route 66 – Nat “King” Cole
Route 66 – Rolling Stones
Route 66 – TeeVee Tunes
Rum Runner – De-Fenders (instrumental)
Runnin’ Second - The Winners
Salt Lake City – Beach Boys
Satan’s Chariot – Deuce Coupes (instrumental)
See The USA In Your Chevrolet – TeeVee Tunes The Commercials
Seven Little Girls – Paul Evans & The Curls
Shut Down – Beach Boys
Shut Down pt.II – Beach Boys
Skins (instrumental) - Tommy Dugan & The Hot Rodders
Slauson & Soto – Darts (instrumental)
Somethin’ Else – Eddie Cochran
Speed Racer – TeeVee Tunes
Speedball Tucker - Jim Croce
SS 396 - Paul Revere and the Raiders
Stick Shiftin’ - The Winners
Stingray – TeeVee Tunes
Street Machine – Darts (instrumental)
Street Machine – Super Stocks
Summertime Blues – Eddie Cochran
Taco Wagon – De-Fenders (instrumental)
Taco Wagon – Dick Dale & His Del Tones
Tell Laura I Love Her – Ray Peterson
Texaco Star Theme - TeeVee Tunes The Commercials
The Anaheim, Azusa & Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review and Timing Association – Jan & Dean
The Little Old Lady (from Pasadena) – Jan & Dean
This Car Of Mine - The Beach Boys
This Little Woody – The Fantastic Baggies
Three Window Coupe - Jan & Dean
Three Window Coupe - The Rip Chords
Tijuana Gasser - Deuce Coupes (instrumental)
Tijuana Taxi – Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
Tom Slick Racer – TeeVee Tunes
Top Eliminator – Darts (instrumental)
Trans Am – Sammy Hagar
Tube Steak (instrumental) - Tommy Dugan & The Hot Rodders
Up Lok - The Winners
Uptown Model “A” - The Winners
Valve Grinder (instrumental) - Tommy Dugan & The Hot Rodders
Wacky Races – TeeVee Tunes
Wheel Stands – Super Stocks
Wheelin’ Home – De-Fenders (instrumental)
Wide Track – Super Stocks
Wind’er Up - The Winners
You Can’t Catch Me – Chuck Berry
You Never Can Tell – Chuck Berry

Keep on Rockin’,


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I'm Stunned!

Ken, I have a car song that's not on your list!

Ray Stevens - "Little Blue Haired Lady (In A Big Black Oldsmobile)"

(And if you like Bike songs - his "Speedball", and "Shriner's Convention".) :lol:

Thanks for the list! I've got a car show end of the month myself!


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And some more - -

"Route 66" - Asleep At The Wheel (not a bad version)
"Taxi" - (TV show theme)
"Workin' At The Car Wash Blues" - Jim Croce
"Seven Bridges Road" & "Life In The Fast Lane" - Eagles
"Cowboy Cadillac" - Garth Brooks
"Ventura Highway" - America
"L.A. Freeway" - Jerry Jeff Walker
"Like A Rock" - Bob Seger (another Chevy commercial!)
"Pink Cadillac" - Natalie Cole (same song as the Springsteen one mentioned earlier?)

BTW, Ken, isn't "King Of The Road" a train song?

And, is "Stingray" (kiddie show) REALLY about a Corvette? If not, as I seem to remember (but I could be wrong), what about "Thunderbirds" or "Road Runner"? Just wondering ... :D
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