Beware...Gift Card Scam...or Mistake? Better Read

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Got wind over the weekend of a scam involving gift cards from stores. Some store employees have been arrested for ripping off store customers by not scanning the crdit amounts onto gift cards. The customer is given a card with a zero balance. Once the customer leaves the store, the clerk then scans the amount onto a card which then goes into their own pocket. The other twist to this scam is that the clerk does scan the card in front of you, but switches it out for a $0 worthless card when you are not looking..

Today I went into a store to buy a gift card. The clerk placed the card into an envelope and handed it to me. I then asked the clerk how the card knew how much credit to give me. She then told me she made a mistake and forgot to add the value to the card by scanning it. Mistake? Maybe, but maybe not.

not a mistake. contact the owner. if that IS a mistake, its the kind that can screw up his business when the recipient tries to use the card and goes through a hassle.

for the record, i think gift cards are the biggest joke going... why would i take good cold green cash that i can spend anywhere in the country with anyone and now change it into a credit that i can only spend in a certain store or shopping center...

i know, i know... it is more like a gift...

but these stores make a nice extra amount of money on people who lose the cards or forget about them... some of the cards even have expiration periods... can you imagine that!!!! they should be paying out interest for the months/years that go by that they got to use your cash before you used the card to take from their inventory!
Who knows if it was a mistake, but I doubt it. Either way you should inform the owner/manager. If it was on purpose, they gotta thief and maybe a pattern is being established. If it was a mistake, they got an idiot.... Either way it will be a mess for the store when customers try to use their "gifts"..

I personally think it is crazy to take cold green cash that can be spent anywhere and with anyone and turn it into a little plastic card that can be used only in one specific location... :x

But I know it seems more "gift like" than dirty cash... :lol:


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We've posted this at our company as a notice. One thing I ALWAYS ask when some bright member of management says "We need to notify everyone about this" is "Did you verify the claim?".

This one is on Snopes - Gift Card Theft.

FWIW: I'm an e-mail admin M-F and have come to realize there are a lot of stupid people in the world who fail to ask questions when a message says "Forward this to everyone". I see tons of useless space wasters (ie. people) who forward every frickin' claim on the internet. Many times they fail to verify the claim because it may have a signature like "attorney johnny go lucky" or "AOL says this is real". :evil:
Concerning the arrests I mentioned above. The card thefts occured in Texas and the arrest/arrests occured in a major retail chain as reported on the Texas news channel.

As far as what happened to me today, I'd swear on a stack of bibles that it happened. It could have been an honest mistake by the clerk and that's why I wanted to inform people to watch closely to make sure the credit is added to the card.
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