Anyone know the mAh rating of a regular 9 Volt battery?

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Just got a new Samson Wireless Mic that eats through 9 Volt batteries a little (a lot!) faster than I would like. Plan to try some rechargables, I have found a rechargable that advertises it's for use in Wireless Mics....the mAh rating is about 305.

Anyone know the mAh rating on a Duracell or Energizer 9 Volt? I know how long they will run and that would give me an idea of how long the rechargable would last.

Thanks in advance.

WE have a sure wireless here where I work (a school) and they use 9v rechargeables in them and they dont last very long.. When I use it I replace the rechargeable with a regular 9V :)
The reason rechargeable batteries will show low battery is that many of them are not actual 9 volt batteries. They may only be 7.2 volts at full charge.

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eats through 9 Volt batteries a little (a lot!) faster than I would like
What kind of batteries?

I get about 3-5 hours of intermittent use from a battery with Shure wireless and I use a new ones every time.

and I use Procells.

Obviously not a great example. Here is a better one.

At church, we change the batteries every Sunday before the services start with FRESH, NEW ones. ALL the old batteries go else where even if the mics were only used a little.

We use Procells, not because they are the greatest, but because they are very good, and very consistent.

It is the cost of doing business... Having gear that works correctly is mission critical.
I have seen some models of wireless microphones that use rechargeable battery packs and have a stand for placing the transmitter into that allow the battery pack to be recharged. Not sure of the manufacture but AKG does seem to pop up.

There are 9v rechargeable batteries available that will actually put out the required 9 volts instead of the 7.2 volts that come out of most. has the 9 volt batteries will put out more than the 7.2 volts as well as a few other styles.

Of course our vendors might be able to help out as well :wink:
We run Tysonic NI-MH 200MAH -- They have an extra 'cell' so they start @ 9.2V --- I've run them for 4-5 hrs in an Audio Tech system.

ThomasDistributing sells them --

Our Church just purchased 4 x Sennheisers + 8 x Hearing Assist units all use AA - and started complaining about having the high $$ of Alkaline Batteries --- At least the Sennheiser's have battery meters (bars) so we can reasonably use the lifespan of the alkaline before changing it! (I'm still working on getting them to move to rechargeable!)


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Are you leaving your batteries in your microphone between shows?

Try removing your battery following each show... you'll be suprised at how much this might save you.
If you look on the side of that rechargeable battery, you will notice that it is rated at 200mah.

As stated earlier in this thread, a standard battery is rated at 580mah. That means a normal battery will last 3 times as long as the rechargeable.

If you're getting 6 hours out of a regular battery, you will only get about 2 hours out of the rechargeable. If you're doing more than a 1 hour performance, you may run out of battery power before the show ends.
It may only be rated @ 200MAH, but it lasts for 4+ hrs in my Audio-Tech Mic --

I've used Alkalines that I started swapping @ the 3-4 hr interval (for fear of them dieing) -- I'd rather just put this battery on the charger ---
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