***6th Annual Dj Party Posse Offical Thread***

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Hello Everyone,

It’s that time of year again. Time to get ready for the Party Posse at Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2010!

For those of that do not know. Every year for the past several, Big E, and myself have put together the “Party Posse” for Disc Jockey’s and significant others to get together one night during the Mobile Beat DJ Conference. We rent a Party Bus, fill it with tunes, alcohol, a stripper pole, and a bunch of wild DJ’s and we close down Las Vegas!

It’s a great time had by all! More importantly, it’s a safe way, to hang out with fellow DJ’s, party through the night and get home safely!

Each year we plan a little bit differently, therefore we have opened our own forum to discuss how the evening is going to proceed. We invite anyone interested to take part in the discussions, however due to the VERY limited availably of seats we cannot guarantee everyone a spot. As always, previous Party Posse members will have first pick of seats this year, but we do anticipate several will be open to “Party Posse Virgins”.

If you are interested, please email me at the below address. I will send you information on how to get going. For those of you that were registered last year, your account should still be active. Please try to login. If you have problems, email me and I will get it worked out for you. Make sure to get involved and we will make this the best Party Posse yet!

Now, who’s ready to party with Groovielou?

Party Posse email:

Big E

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I can neither confirm or deny if I was there or not. Ya know, the whole What Happens in Vegas thing.

All I can tell ya is that if you miss out on the bus you've missed one heck of a great time.

I'm just saying.........

Mark Evans

Mobile Beat Moderator
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Wow I can't believe this will be #6.... then again I can't remember 1,2 or 3. Sorry we had to miss out on the last 2 but we will be there in spirits :)
I always wanted to be there; however prior engagements seem to keep me away.

Now I would like to go again. I have a grandchild to take care of and no body to take care of her while my wife and I are gone.

Big E

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Dave>>>>> No excuses, just results...j/k

-bp->>>>> We like bus virgins!!!

I am still hoping I can make it....pray for gigs!!!


Servicing Northern NM
I haven't been to a MB YET due to prior engagements but this seems like a killer idea and I would love to join it!! If I close the deal on at least 3 of the 4 weddings I have pending I'll make sure and hit you up!

Big E

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Here was the posse from last Feb. That's about all the pictures I am allowed to show. (if you know what I mean)

Are you drooling yet??? Wait until January...it really gets rough to concentrate by then!!!


This was the highlight of our trip last year. Not going back to Vegas next year but if I was I would definitely be on the bus. Hope you guys have fun!
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