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    Iphone App?

    Does the iphone app for mobile beat still work? I could not get it to login....
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    Does anyone on here us WeddingWire to advertise? Do you see a good response and ROI? I was contacted the other day by a salesman from WW and he is offering me WeddingWire/EventWire and all the other sites they partner with for $90 a month. Before I jump in to the year commitment, I want to make...
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    Laptop glare protector for outside?

    Can anyone recommend a laptop glare protector for outside? I have 2 events I am doing outside in a few weeks that I do every where and it is almost impossible to see the screen. Thanks......
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    American DJ Eco UV Bar Plus

    Does anyone us the American DJ Eco UV Bar Plus lights? I saw 2 videos.. One from Arnoldo and one from DJ ZONE. I am thinking about getting 2 of them to light up an entire room in a moose lodge for a BLACK LIGHT PARTY. I just want to make SURE they are bright enough. Does anyone have any video...
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    acoustic covers?

    I am doing a Wedding this weekend and they have decided they want all acoustic music for dinner.... I have a whole bunch of good acoustic covers but am looking for more. If someone has any ideas, let me know.... They dont want standards played at all so I am trying to find acoustic covers of...
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    4 bar tri questions

    I have a couple of 4bar tri questions I hope someone can answer.. I think I saw someone answer one of these questions but I cant find it.. * Someone mentioned there is an adapter to mount the 4bar tri on other stands? what is needed? Also, what is I wanted to mount the 4-bar tri on the center...
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    DJ Intelligence / EWEBMIN

    I keep hearing DJ Intelligence is getting a big makeover with new features ETC.. When is this coming? is EWEBMIN going to do any updates? I ask this because now GIGBUILDER is going to put a brand new DRAG AND DROP interface in which is really a nice feature.. it also does some things neither...
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    hwo to fix mixer in rack

    I have a Gator Coffin that has a DXM06 NUmark mixer in it.. it gives me plenty of room to plug in cables in the back of the mixer. However, I am thinking of going to a DENON DN-X600. from measuring, it looks like the mixer will fit but I wont have ANY room to plug in cables. any ideas how I...
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    android to iphone?

    Has anyone switched from android to iphone 4s? I have an EVO 4G on sprint and am considering switching.. would love to hear pros and cons of doing this.. Thanks...
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    RGB 3Ctype controller for LED RAID 56's and COLORSTRIPS?

    Can someone recommend a controller SIMILAR to what the ADJ RGB 3C does that works with LED RAIN 56's and colorstrips? the 3C needs 3 channel DMX and neither the COLOR STRIP or the RAIN 56's are 3 channel DMX.. I would like a simmple controller like the 3C for when I dont want to drag our my DMX...
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    Mobilebeat forums android app

    anyone having issues with the ANDROID APP for this site? This morning I was trying to logon and it kept telling me UNKNOWN ERROR and would not let me logon. Then I received an email telling me someone tried to logon and is blocked for the next 15 minutes (it was me). Any help would be...
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    Bliss B:L15 question...

    I used my Bl15 last nigh for the first time.. couple of questions to make it look the best..... I was kind of far from the center of the dance floor.. if yo pointed it up like you are supposed to, it looked really good in front of me wit the DIM LIGHTS but if you angled it so that it would...
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    Bliss BL-15 HELP!!!

    is there any other VENDOR on here that has the BLISS BL-15 IN STOCK to SHIP and can do it for the same price as NLFX PRO $349.00 ?? I ordered from there om the 21st and TODAY I am told that it is a custom MADE ITEM and I have to wait 2-3 weeks.. I needed this for a wedding this Sunday.. ANYONE??
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    Bliss BL15

    So I am trying to get the best deal on the BL15 light and case. I did get a price from NLFX PRO but the case price seemed high. HOWEVER I havent heard back since I asked about the price of the case and how to order.. Id like to order online if possible....
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    ive been having this discussion on another forum and thought I would ask here as well. Does anyone who does CLUB work or is around CONCERT SOUND wear ear plugs? what kind and was DB? I am looking for ones I can use that I can still use headphones to beatmix and also be able to hear the monitor...
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    DI with volume control?

    Can someone recommend a direct box that I can plug RCA output from my mixer into it, then XLR into a powered speaker BUT has a volume control? Im doing an event where I will need a monitor but my DJ mixer doesnt have a booth output so I need to create one from the record out and be able to has...
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    Gig Log - Jenny's Sweet 16

    Here is a short video from a Sweet 16 party I did on Jan 29th at Aloft Hotel in Mt. Laurel NJ. Featured Myself as the DJ and our MC.
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    blisslight 15 alternative?

    I would love to get a blisslight 15 but its just too expensive for the amount of times I will use it (or think I will use it). I think chauvet or someone else makes a CLONE of this light? who makes it and is the price cheaper? how is the quality? Thanks...
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    Sinatra HIGH HOPES

    does anyone have or know where I can purchase and download the KARAOKE VERSION of Frank Sinatra High Hopes karaoke but WITHOUT the backing vocals? I have an event we are doing in a few weeks and they wrote new works for the song and want to sing with the track. Every karaoke version I have found...
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    2011 Vegas show..

    Does anyone know if One can get an exhibits only pass for the 2011 vegas show?? what, if any is the cost???