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  1. maestro

    What’s Happened To This Forum?

    Blame it on the rain!
  2. maestro

    It's Time To Hang Up The Headphones!

    Hey Nicky! I haven't chimed in here for a while. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it! :hp1:
  3. maestro

    Today's Load In

    They've got the right man on the job!
  4. maestro

    What Has Happened To This Site?

    Yup, it's been a bit slow here....
  5. maestro

    We're International...matty D In Madrid, Spain

    Very cool! :hp5:
  6. maestro

    New Album From Tiffany (yes, That Tiffany)

    Definitely Debbie. I bought this album when it was charting and still have it. :D
  7. maestro


    Love it Bill!
  8. maestro

    Electro-voice Zlx-12p - Opinions...

    My FBT MaxX 4a's are turning ten so I am thinking about changing them out, even though they've performed flawlessly over the years. Does anyone have experience with the ZLX-12P? I like the look, features, weight and even the price so I am considering them. I just posted a question on the EV...
  9. maestro

    Echomate Plus

    Order mine already too. Thanks Bill! :D
  10. maestro

    Echomate Plus

    Bill, can you DIM the preset colors using the remote?
  11. maestro

    Snake Eyes

    I like the mini version!
  12. maestro

    Table Top, Stand-up Desk-$25

    Saw it, cool. I actually place the original box my Martin PR1 came in on top of my desk and use that. Works for me!
  13. maestro

    10/10 Homecoming

    Just giving you a hard time cause I know you like it. ;)
  14. maestro

    Used Gear - Buy, Sell Or Trade For November 2015

    Keep it going Nicky! Come on....
  15. maestro

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Bill and all my online buddies!
  16. maestro

    Used Gear - Buy, Sell Or Trade For November 2015

    That is a WICKED good deal on the Mojo crossover! I have one somewhere... or did I sell it? Can't remember now, lol... I would charge double that though so I would grab it if you need it!
  17. maestro

    10/10 Homecoming

    Great job Arnoldo! Loved the song selection and energy you got from the crowd. That is one big a$$ venue! What were you running for sound and how many were in attendance? Your set up looked great BUT I would lose that white skirt for school events. ;)
  18. maestro

    It's Been A Fun 23, Years, But Time To Retire

    An acupunturist may be able to help you with some of that, believe it or not... Have you consulted one?
  19. maestro

    It's Been A Fun 23, Years, But Time To Retire

    Best of luck Ron! I wish you many more happy years with your new found hobbies! Gardening is great and with raised beds / boxes, even better! About working on a cruise ship, forget it! I've been on many and they work the poor DJs VERY hard, non stop from early till late.
  20. maestro

    Semi Formals

    In my parts, I rock them hard just like any other school dance. Ours have absolutely NO formalities of any kind, they just call it semi-formal so the students don't dress like crap.