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  1. Hutt


    VirtualDJ offers you ContentUnlimited subscription plans. anyone using these options? your thoughts? Thanks
  2. Hutt

    anyone heard this yet? just curoius
  3. Hutt

    QSC K12's UNPOWERED!!!

    Reviews... Who has them... Thoughts ???? Thanks!!
  4. Hutt

    Survey says.... R.I.P.
  5. Hutt

    Crown XLS 1500

    anyone use this amp at 4 ohm BRIDGED? Thanks
  6. Hutt

    VDJ question???

    running a fully paid version of VDJ and now I am having a issue that I cannot use the keyboard to type and use the search function. It has done this in the last 4 or 5 shows... twice now. any thoughts?
  7. Hutt

    Laptop Dj's

    How many of you use no external controller when you dj? strickly direct from your laptop to your mixer? Thanks
  8. Hutt

    Behringer RX1202FX

    anyone use this mixer? looking at it for Karaoke... Your thoughts? Thanks
  9. Hutt

    Karaoke and VDJ

    who uses VDJ to run a karaoke show? Do you like it? Thanks
  10. Hutt

    Itunes video

    is there a free program to remove the protection off of the movies? tried some and either watermark it or only do a couple of minutes.. Thanks
  11. Hutt

    here's a option for Iphone weddings
  12. Hutt

    song help

    crazy stupid love tv ad song... what song is it?
  13. Hutt

    R.i.p. Heavy D :(,0,6027095.story
  14. Hutt

    Mother...son dance... is it next?
  15. Hutt

    Side business... Freelancing. Turn one of your marketable skills into a moneymaker to pursue at your convenience. The options are wide for needs you can fill in the marketplace, such as writing/editing, animal care...
  16. Hutt

    VDJ ver 8...

    Atomix Productions Inc. announces the acquisition of AdionSoft, the company behind djDecks, PCDJ Red Mobile and PCDJ Dex. Atomix Productions is growing bigger and stronger every day. In order to accelerate the development of future versions, and invent the best cutting-edge features...
  17. Hutt

    American DJ Micro Galaxian ?????

    Help me undestand this, it only has one pattern that it does and all you can control is the rate at which the pattern moves? I have one and it's really boring, doing the same thing over and over. In sound active and program mode. In sound active, it appears to do a little more, strobe and stuff...
  18. Hutt

    Survey Says....

    just asking
  19. Hutt

    just sad..
  20. Hutt

    Do you agree with this list?

    Top 30 Safe Songs for Schools Artist Title Notes/info Prime Cuts # BPM 1 1 Gym Class Heros Stereo Hearts Adam Levine 201125 91 2 2 Maroon 5/Aguilera Moves Like Jagger 201132 128 4 3 Lil Wayne How to Love 201123 77 5 4 Cobra Starship You Make Me Feel 201120 132 8 5 New Boyz...