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  1. CMB

    Where did all my posts go?

    I've gone from about 2500 posts to ZERO. WTF?
  2. CMB

    Seminar Videos

    When are the seminar videos going to be ready?
  3. CMB

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

    I wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone on the board! I hope it's a great day for all!
  4. CMB

    Bride Live Anyone??

    Anyone signed up for Bride Live? They were at Vegas with a booth. I saw their listing in the current issue of mobile beat. Just curious if anyone has signed up or thought about doing so. I'm thinking it would be good to have for brides that are out of town or state. Would help with face to face...
  5. CMB

    NYE countdown's new countdown is now available for order. New site, new countdown, for a new year! CHECK IT!
  6. CMB

    Everything on this board is SLOW

    For months I've had problems with slow loading and server timeouts with this board. But for the past 2 months its been the worst ever. Constantly having to hit the reload button after clicking a link...only to have half the page load. I'm using IE 9 and IE 8. While the initial page load seems...
  7. CMB

    New infomanager version 3.5 released

    For all the infomanager users out there...I wanted to pass along that there has finally been a new release. 3.5 was released this week, and addresses running Infomanager on Windows 7. There are not any new features or updates to this release other than internal stuff to allow the program to...
  8. CMB

    I've got a new job.......being a daddy!

    My wife Andrea gave birth to a healthy little boy last night (Dec 7, 2009) at 8:15pm. Brooks Marshall Brown weighed 7.14 lbs and was 20 inches in length. they both come home from the hospital tomorrow morning. I'm glad business is gonna be a little slow for the next few months.....cause I've...
  9. CMB

    I Busted My Competition

    Wednesday morning about 8:30 I wake up to get an email from my Youtube account that someone had posted a comment at 2:08 AM that morning. The comment was: "Watch out! Do not hire CMB Music Productions! They are great at selling you on their company, but working with them is horrible. Their...
  10. CMB

    new posts not showing up

    When I log onto and click "show posts since last visit" I get nothing yet there are new posts. What's up?
  11. CMB

    DMX - hardware or software?? PCDJ DMX or LJ 2.0??

    After a few years of running the same shows on my freekie, I'm ready to redesin my scenes. But before relearning the process on the freekie, I wanted to consider some options. For those that have used hardware controllers and software controllers, which is better? On my freekie I have to...
  12. CMB

    ProDJ Mail down

    I'm unable to log into my mail account. What's up???
  13. CMB

    trouble activating pcdj fx HELP

    I bought PCDJ fx a few weeks ago for 3 computers. 3 licenses. The thir took an extra day or so to get the key sent from pcdj so we've been running it on the trial version. Now the trial is out and the code PCDJ sent me is not working. The code begins with VIS- Is there a certain way I'm...
  14. CMB

    problems ripping PO 2000 discs

    I'm using audio grabber and on several PO cd from 2000 varius tracks are giving me trouble. On certain tracks, and they are random tracks, Audio Grabber gives me an error message " ASPI didn't answer. Any ideas?
  15. CMB

    Judge Judy says we're number 3!

    On Friday's episode a DJ was sueing for payment for doing a reception. He was a family friend that claimed the bride called him a week from the wedding asking him to DJ. He lost his case but Judge Judy said " she spent months ahead of time planning for her wedding, with all that planning...
  16. CMB

    The Groom is a law student...

    ...and it's not like he wanted to review my services, but review my contract. That's how it came out anyway. I was refferred to this couple by another couple whose reception I did a few years ago. The bride called and left a message saying they want to book, but the groom wants to make a...
  17. CMB

    Problem with ADJ DEco 250

    2 weeks ago I bought a ADJ Deco 250 to try out. Great light! However, after it's first use, it quit working. I determined that it was a bulb issue. It uses a 250w reflector bulb that has a ceramic type plug. The ceramic crumbled thus making the prongs loose contact. I ordered two new bulbs and...
  18. CMB

    Foam Machines

    I've seen a few mentions of foam parties at various clubs. When you have these foam parties, how long does it take to fill up the dance floor? What is the best way to shoot out the foam? And how do you clean the foam up at the end of the night?
  19. CMB

    Stevie Ray song

    Client wants a song by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Says the name of it is My Baby's a Super Star. But I can't find it anywgere on amazon. Anyone know what song they're talking about?
  20. CMB

    Mark Wills - Right Here..karaoke

    I've got a bride asking where she can find a karaoke version of this song so it can be sung at her wedding. Anyone know of anything? Or maybe where sheet music for a guitar can be purchased?