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    Need a Dynacord bag/cover for D-8

    Hello, I am lookig to buy 1 Dynacord SH-D8 Bag/Dust Cover to fit the Dynacord D-8 loud speaker. I know that there are companies out there that will make bags (aftermarket), but I am looking for someone that has an OEM Dynacord bag that they would like to sell. Contact me if you have one with...
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    Need a Case for American DJ MEGA BAR LED

    Hello, I need to find some kind of padded case to store/transport an American DJ Mega Bar LED. Any one find something that worked out well?
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    Feedback on DJ Skirts TABLE TOPPER

    Hello, I have been talking with Steve at DJ Skirts regarding their Table Toppers and have a question that I would like to ask of everyone that has purchased the REVERSIBLE TABLE TOPPER: I wondered how many people that have purchased the "Reversible" topper are truly using it as reversible...
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    Parking at the Riviera for MBLV09

    Hello, I have made my room reservations to stay at the Riviera for MBLV. Does any one know if/how much they charge for parking at the Riviera? I am considering getting a rental car and just want to know if they are going to rape me to park it at the Riv.
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    I just wanted to openly thank Ben Stowe from NLFX for his service & support over the past couple of months. I have made several purchases from Ben based mostly on his recommendations and I can honestly say that everything he has advised me on has been completely accurate. Ben was also...
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    Getting Married While At MBLV.09

    Hello everyone, Well I booked my airline tickets & hotel reservations for The mobile beat show in Las Vegas. In addition to the DJ convention, my fiancee and I have decided to get MARRIED while in Vegas and I am looking for advice on a good ceremony location and some MUST SEE shows. Here is...
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    Attn: Pittsburgh Area Disc Jockeys

    I just wanted to let all of the Pittsburgh area DJs know about a new local wedding directory The website contains a local vendor database, wedding related articles and wedding planning information. Any wedding related company that services Pittsburgh and...
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    Recommend A Good Lawyer

    Hello, Who here has been sucessful in obtaining monetary damages due to copyright infringment? I am looking for someone that has actually hired a lawyer and in the end was awarded damages by the courts. I have located several website copy THIEVES and it is time to start making examples of...
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    New Equipment Trailer

    Another local DJ has been wanting to purchase my equipment trailer for some time now. A couple of months ago he finally saved up enough money, so I ordered a new Car Mate cargo trailer. It finally came in about 2 weeks ago and I really like it. Here is what I ordered: 7' x 12' Single...
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    I Want To Buy A DiveRack 260

    I am looking to purchase a NEW DBX Driverack 260. Does anyone know who has the best pricing on this item? I know there are a few retailers that post on these boards. Do any of you guys stock this unit? If anyone has one in stock, please drop me an e-mail at with a price quote...
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    Comment for BOOCH

    Booch, I read in another post where you were experiencing “noise” in your system when you use your “LC Wireless” option with your American DJ Light Co-Pilot. Well you must be mistaken, because after about 10 phone calls and 5 different sets of LC Wireless transmitters & receivers, American DJ...
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    Looking for Vietnamese Music for Wedding

    Hello Everyone, I just booked a wedding for Sunday November 21st. The groom is from the US and the bride is Vietnamese. All of the guests will be from the US, but the groom would like me to play a couple of Vietnamese songs. Unfortunately, niether him nor anyone else in his family know any...
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    Wedding Song Help?

    Hello, I just had a Bride, from out of my area, send me an e-mail requesting the following help: "I am looking to find out the name and artist of the traditional bridal wedding dance. Where the people have handkerchiefs and wave them in the air. While the bride dances with the guests. The...