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    ....what's up, peeps?
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    B-52 Matrix 200 Speaker Repair

    Howdy all! I had a speaker stand fail on me and one of my B-52 Matrix 200 speakers took a tumble. Fortunately, the speaker still works despite something rattling around inside it. Just opened it up to find the pictured item broken off. Any idea if this is easily fixed or, since the speaker...
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    How To Care For Occasional-Use Speakers

    Howdy all! Question...what's the best way to care for speakers that you don't use very often? I have a pair of old Soundtech B5 speakers that served me well for a number of years, but rarely see use...maybe once a year for an outdoor event, but that's it. I'd like to hold onto them so is...
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    Steel Drum Music

    Howdy peeps! Can anyone recommend some good steel drum/Caribbean instrumental CDs? Feeling a little beachy this evening... Thanks! Booch
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    DDS80 / HDMIX USB Dock

    Would someone please suggest a USB dock that I can be used with the DDS80 / HDMIX hard drive caddy? I found a old thread in which djcarl suggested the ViPowER VP-8258, but I cannot locate that anywhere. I want to be able to pull the caddy from my DDS80 and easily connect it to my desktop when...
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    Chauvet Xpress 100

    Anyone ever use this puppy... Looks like a simple/easy way to get into DMX. Booch
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    Honeywell Generator

    Good deal....? Booch
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    Merry Christmas!

    May you and your families have a most blessed day!!! Booch
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    Can anyone recommend a good boombox? My old Panasonic has seen better days! Thanks! Booch
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    FYI - SxA250 Owners

    Just a head's up for any EV SxA250 owners...and along the same line as this old thread... I've had mine for about 5-6 years now and recently the low end on one of them started cutting out after about 1.5 hours of use. The local repair shop...
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    Disco Playlists

    Can anyone offer up a good disco playlist? I know all the disco songs, but am curious to see what order you play them in and if anyone includes any songs that are not the "normal" disco ones. I need to cover a 1.5 hour disco night coming up soon. The attendees are mostly folks that grew up in...
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    Stereo Receiver Suggestions

    Howdy all! Well, I think my Sony stereo receiver is in its final days...after 24 it is time to do some shopping for a replacement. Any suggestions? I remember hearing that Onkyo is a pretty good brand...true? I don't need anything 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound...
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    An Nice Quiet Mixer

    Hi all! My Numark CM100 is starting to show it's age...EQ conked out and it's been a bit noisy lately. Any suggestions for a replacement other than Rane? NickyB...those ADJ Q-Spands still working out OK for you? Thanks! Booch
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    Which Amp Rack?

    Hey all! I'm thinking about taking my old QSC USA 900 amp out of my rack (SKB) and keeping it in its own case...any suggestions as to what I should consider? I've looked at the Odyssey Soft they protect well enough? Thanks! Booch
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    Elation LED Lamps

    Anyone use the Elation LED Lamps (pic below)? Just curious if these have an output similar to a Par 38. Thanks! Booch
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    Minneapolis Area DJs - Friday's Ballgame?

    Anyone going to the Twins/Diamondbacks game on Friday night? Booch
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    Video Compression - Any Freeware?

    Howdy all! I used my digital camera to take some video at a reception this past Saturday...the file is almost 1GB in size. Does anyone know of a freeware program that I can use to compress this file? Thanks! Booch
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    Evolution of Dance Music

    No...not another link to the Evolution of Dance video... Has anyone edited their own version of this YouTube classic so you have a version without all of the background/crowd noise? I'm being lazy & looking to save myself some editing time. Thanks! Booch
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    The Great Postcard Race Was A Success!

    Thanks to your help, my daughter's class received postcards from all 50 states! And, as promised, their teacher called the local paper to announce the news...the article is attached. Nice of my daughter to throw a plug in there for me! Thanks again everyone! Booch
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    Mobile Beat Top 200 Archive

    Is there an archive of past Mobile Beat Top 200 lists? I'm trying to think of a song name & I pretty sure it was on a past list. It's an R&B track that was fairly popular...and I think it was a live version...just can't think of the title. Any have a song like that in their library? LOL...