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    Looking for CHEAP powered speakers

    I am looking for a pair of powered speakers under $400. Does anyone have any el' cheapos that they are willing to part with dirt cheap?
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    Recommend a set of choir mics

    I am looking for a set of choir mics. Budget is about 150 to 200 per mic. Choir loft is pretty small and the board is a MixWiz 16. This is for an install that I did about 4 months ago. Any recommendations?
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    Problems downloading Freestyler

    I am trying to download Freestyler onto my CPS and when I go to start the program it reboots my computer. I have also tried on my laptop with the same results and also on my home PC. I have downloaded the program about 15 times now and I keep getting the same results....... What I have is the...
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    Virtual DJ and DMX program running together

    Do any of you guys run VDJ and a DMX lighting program together on one computer for any of your shows? I will be using a 2.2ghz AMD Athlon 64 x 2 4200 dual core processor with 2gb of ram and a video card which I will be purchasing shortly. This will be a dedicated computer for DJing only. Any...
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    PC components into rack mount case

    Will desktop pc stuff fit into any 4u rack mount case or are there specific components for the rack mount PC's? I am wanting to take an HP desktop computer and put it in a rack mount case for a more professional appearance, but I am unsure if I need to change any components out.
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    Valentine History Museum in Richmond, VA

    Have any of you been to this venue? I am looking for any info that I can get about this place. :)
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    LED conversion thoughts

    What do you guys think of this LED conversion for PAR 56's? It does seem like a low cost alternative IF you already have some cans, BUT is it as bright as any...
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    Pics from Saturdays wedding

    A new tradition was started, the crenolin toss!!
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    Songs For Muster

    I got asked to play at a Military Muster. Do any of you have any song suggestions?
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    How to handle benefit gigs

    Twice in the past week I have been asked to perform at benefit parties but I am undecided as whether to charge them, offer a large discount, or to charge my normal rate. What do you guys do or suggest?
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    For VRUSTE

    I would like to know how you price your band concerts. I have a local southern rock band interested in contracting me to provide sound for them for 3 concerts the next 3 months. These guys are a very local band, only playing in Va. I told them I would get back to them on pricing. I really want...