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  1. Goodknightdj

    SEO Scam

    If you get a call from 405-293-8500, it is an SEO scam.
  2. Goodknightdj

    Moral Question

    OK, I'm ducking... A prospective client comes to you. You are not booked for their date. After the pitch they tell you that they are interested but just don't have the budget to afford you. So, is it: 1. Hit the road jack. 2. How much can you afford? 3. Can we do a payment plan? 4...
  3. Goodknightdj

    Hercules DJ control MP3 e2 Dual Deck DJ Controller

    I bought one of these a few days back and it arrived yesterday. The set up was easy and I played with it last night. I had been using the DAC II and DAC III but I found that the buttons started to get sluggish. I sold them off. This Herculese responds quickly. I'm not big on scratching but I...
  4. Goodknightdj

    Hey Bald DJs

    I've been a bald DJ for about three years now and have gone through everything from the HeadBlade, electric, to throw-aways. BTW, I ddin't like the HeadBlade. So, what do you use?
  5. Goodknightdj

    Must Play and DNP

    Over the years I have seen everything from no Must Play or DNP to Must Plays and DNPs that will fill volumes. Now, I get the fact that the client is paying you but, think about this... The party (wedding, Mitzvah, whatever) is really being thrown for the guests. Your client invited them and...
  6. Goodknightdj

    First Sweet Sixteen in a while

    I did a sweet sixteen back on 11/13. It was nowhere near as elaborate as Arnoldos. I hadn't done one in a few years so I was apprehensive but as soon as I got into it that melted away. The birthday girl gave me a list of about a dozen songs but she also told me that her parents were into the...
  7. Goodknightdj

    I ain't dead yet.

    Well folks, the company was closed, for about three weeks. The advertisement was yanked. The DJEP account, insurance, and NAME accounts expired. I even asked a couple I had booked for May 2011 to get out out of the contract and they let me. I put a closed message on the website and was...
  8. Goodknightdj

    I'm Done

    The website has a message redirecting potential clients to other quality DJs. The last paid event is October 22. I no longer count myself in the DJ ranks so the mods can zap the profile. Good bye and good luck to all.
  9. Goodknightdj

    The Knot Scam

    I received a phone call a few weeks back from The Knot telling me that I was picked by their brides as one of the Best in Maryland. I was told that I would receive an e-mail detailing what this was all about. Well the e-mail arrived today. Here's how it started: and later on: So, yeah, I may...
  10. Goodknightdj

    Faux Mashups

    This is just a fun thread. As you may know, the name of the mash up may come from the name of the songs involved. For example, when Riders On The Storm was mashed with Rapture it became Rapture Riders. So, let's put together some real song titles into some non-existant mash ups. U Can't...
  11. Goodknightdj

    Caption this

    From Last Saturday's wedding...
  12. Goodknightdj

    My Weekend of June 5th - Don't try this at home

    I did a Relay for life Friday to Saturday and then a wedding on Saturday. 6/05/2009 Well, I was awakened at 6:50 AM by my wife. She's dog watching for her sister. I really wanted to sleep another ten minutes. After we talked, I restet the alarm to 8 and went back to sleep. At 8 I got up...
  13. Goodknightdj

    What is more important to you?

    Give a situation where you are offered big bucks to DJ and there may be some things going on at the event that may go against your personal ethics, values, and principles, what is more important?
  14. Goodknightdj

    Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulton

    OK, all folks of color please forgive me. This is the white man's version of the famous Sir-Mix-Alot song. I had never heard this before until a finalization I had about two weeks ago. The B&G requested it and had a copy available, which they gave me. So, at another finalization I was joking...
  15. Goodknightdj

    Does anybody use TuneUp?

    Here's there site. It cleans up your MP3s.
  16. Goodknightdj

    So, here's the deal...

    Back in mid Februaury I got this lead through Gig Builder. It was for a mock wedding at a local high school. They were looking for a volunteer. It was also for a weekday. Well, I figure that I can take the day off from the day job to help some kids out with a class project. I called the...
  17. Goodknightdj

    DJ as the leader at weddings

    Sarge's thread about other wedding vendors prompted this. In the United States, for the most part, the wedding DJ is expected to be Master/Mistress of Ceremonies, coordinator, and entertainer all rolled in to one. We call ourselves Discjockeys. According to Webster’s on line that definition...
  18. Goodknightdj

    Walking Away Thoughts: Associations

    As most may know, I am walking away from the DJ business and selling the gear after my last event in November. I will hold on to my computer, drive array, laptops, karaoke monitor, and Peavy Escort system because I may want to do some karaoke from time to time and I definitely want to get into...
  19. Goodknightdj

    So, what would you do?

    Well, as you may know, I am leaving the DJ business after November. Well, I am hanging on to enough gear to be able to do small parties for friends, karaoke, and interactive team trivia. No more weddings or big parties. Anyway, I have not communicated this to my current clients because I don't...
  20. Goodknightdj

    Tough Decision

    After much thought over the last few days I have decided that 11/20/2008 will be my final event as a DJ. After that I will sell off the gear and walk away. Some folks I have talked to have suggested that I keep the gear but if it is gone that will make it tougher for me to change my mind. Now...