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    Prom Playlist

    Guys, I am hopeing you might be able to help. I have a last min. Prom tonight and was wondering if anone has a playlist from any proms you might have done. You can email me at Thanks Dave
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    Has anyone used this service and is it worth 200.00 a year. With so many now a days it's hard to know which one to use.
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    Epic fail

    I had my computer crash and I am in need of the heart designs for the projector if anyone has them that they could share.
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    jacksons with (get low) loops

    I heard a mix the other night, I beleieve it was I want you back by the jackson 5 but it had a sample of get low in it. Does anyone know where this remix might be from?
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    Outer Banks... Vacation

    I will be down at the Outer Banks tommrow and all of next week.I was wondering if anyone down there on the boards was working in the area. It's always nice to meet up with others. If you would like to meet up and grab a drink somewhere down there let me know. If not I will wonder around like I...
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    Wow here he is again.

    I found this and had to post. I hope he get a lot of jobs. Let me know what you thing of his ad.
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    Anyone know this company I had a bride ask me about this company, he has links and there is nothing showing for what he has. She was worried it might be a scam.
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    AC show here I come

    I will be down at the show today and look forward to meeting everyone. If you would like to meet up text or give me a call 484-388-6698. It never hurts to network with new people.
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    Who sampled a song

    Guys, I found a site called If you ever heard a song and said I know I heard that before give this a check. It's kinda fun.
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    Hotel Bethlehem

    I was just wondering if anyone has played at the Hotel Bethlehem in PA. I have a wedding there tommrow and was wondering how you load in. Is there a ramp or a easy way to get in.
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    Glow Bracelets

    I am looking to purchase about 5000 glow bracelets, does anyone know of some good suppliers. The lowest I have found is about 280.00.Any help would be great.
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    Is it worth the fight?

    I have a question, I have a local company that offers to make custom cd's for weddings with music. I know this is not leagal and there are several other companies that don't care for this company. I don't want to start a war. Is it worth doing anything about? Should I say any thing to the owner...
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    Wedding Canceled

    If anyone needs a hand or has anything in eastern PA let me know I have tommrow open. I thought I would just toss it out. Give me a call: 610-326-1036 Dave P.S. The bride was in tears when she called. Not a good call.
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    Vacation in the Outer Banks, NC

    I am down in Nags Head and was wondering if there are any Prodj Members that are playing so I could stop out and say hello. I just thought I would check. I am also looking for some resturants to eat at. Thanks, Dave
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    Wedding this past Sat

    Here are a few pictures from sat. night I am looking for any feedback you may have. Thanks The reception was in Minerville,PA. They couple was great and what a wonderful hall. No lighting wanted but I brought some glow bracelets and it really looked good.
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    AC Show

    I was just wondering if anyone had a expo pass for today. I was going down with a friend and he never got the passes. I am going solo and would like to get in,I will be there around luch time. Please just give me a call on my cell 215-397-6466. Thanks, Dave
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    mx4 and 2510

    I just bought martin 4 mx-4's and a 2510 controler. I was told that the previous owner could not address properly. It is programed for unit 1-4 and I need to know what I should set the dip switches for. Please help.
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    green screen

    I need a little help, I have a school that wants to record people doing karaoke but have differnt back grounds that they can be recorded on. Does anyone have a clue as to what software I might be able to use to do this. What hardware is needed? I have a very beefy system and could hopefuly build...
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    Casino Night

    I need some help with a party I have comming up. It's a casino night and for a company. They are looking for casino music I.E. Vegas Music. Well Let's hear it. :D [/b]
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    DMX - 40 and Novascans

    Ok, I know this was prob. already covered many times. I need help setting up my novascans 250-1 with my chavet dmx 40 unit. Does anyone have a easy way of helping me set up a show? I appeal to all of you have been useing these. You can either email or give me a call. Thanks in advance. 8) :P