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    JBL 418 subs

    I have 2 Jbl 418 Subs, the unpowered ones. I have blown ( completely burnt ) the woofer in both at seperate times. I am Using them on a CA-9. Using this set up on a rane Crossover set at 150. My DJs will make the CA-9 Blink Red, but never solid clip lights. I was looking for opinions on...
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    Crest Audio CA-9

    I am having problems with one of our Ca-9s. It sounds exactly like a Ca-6. We use jbl m-pro 418s and 415s speakers. This partical amp was hooked up with one speaker, while a Ca-6 was hooked up to the other. Using two exact outputs from the mixer the sound was the same on both. Do the 9s just...
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    Dj Facades / Frontboards

    Im sick and tired of the Grundorff facades !!!! Any one have ideas for frontboards. Im looking for somting durable but classy looking ? Thanks
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    magic mic ?

    I own a busy mobile company i was thinking of purchasing a Magic Mic, with the extra chips. Based on Long Island i find that at mobile parties with karaoke most people on sing like 5-10 songs at a gig. I was going to hook it up to a small 13 LCD. Is this a good idea ?
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    JBL Subs with a CA amp

    I just purchased a JBL MPro 18" sub, I was planning on playing it on a CA-4 set up bridge-mono. The specs say it should power 800 watts. Has anyone tried this or is it just worth buying a CA-9 and running it on one side ?