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    Andy "Cubbie" Powell

    I ask that anyone who knows Andy "Cubbie" Powell to keep him in your prayers at this time. Andy went in yesterday for a surgical procedure. Last night he was doing good, but this morning the nurses found him unresponsive. He is currently in the critical care unit at Methodist Hospital in Des...
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    Game Show Lead For Brookfield NY Event

    I received a call for a Jeopardy style game show event for March 25th at a university in Brookfield, NY on Long Island (I hope I got all that right). It is for a college challenge going on. I am in Iowa, and of course do not know of anyone off the top of my head who does the game shows out...
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    MBLV08 School Breakout Sessions

    After a lot of discussion about the success of last year's school break out session, Ryan has given Dave Parks and myself 2 back to back sessions for the school dance discussions. Look forward to seeing many of you there!!
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    Atomated e-mail programs

    Does anyone use any type of automated e-mail message programs? I am looking for something that I can say X days/weeks before this date, send an e-mail to these clients, and then x days before an event send another to the same group. And have this all done automatically, and can be customized...
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    contract talk on Mobile Beat Radio

    We are discussing contracts for clients on Mobile Beat Radio right now. Check it out at
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    American DJ Sidewinders

    Yes, this is a very ancient light, but a friend of mine has them, and I am working to show him some of the new computer DMX softwares available on the market. However, no one has it in the library of fixtures. I need to know what channels do what for the light. Can anyone help me? Thanks
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    Christian Music Videos

    Does anyone know of a service that I can purchase music video disks of christian music?
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    Guns N Rocert backses first concert back

    We had 2 of our staff members go to this "Marathon". This was the write-up in our local paper's on-line news. It missed the actual press run since it ran so long.
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    Virtual DJ Error when loading VOB files

    i am getting errors when I load vob files in virtual DJ. I am running versions 3.4. I can not get 4 to work correctly. videos just sound like they are fast forwarding. I have tried using the video, windows media, and quicktime plugins gor the extensions. Anyone have this problem or can help...
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    Game Show Producer from Creative Imagineering

    I have been using GSP for a little while now, and was wondering if anyone else who is using the Game Show Producer software would like to exchange games they have created with myself and others. If you have it, you know it takes a good deal of time to create questions, and this could be an easy...
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    Wireles Speaker Problem

    I am dealing with a couple who is asking for me to have a wiresless speaker set up indoors and then me and my main system set up outdoors for their reception. They are having their event in the lobby of an art center. The art center says they must have the doors shut, and can not keep a door...
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    DJWebmin is now up and running. The guys put the site data on a new server as had been mentioned in a previous thread.
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    New Prime Cuts Monthly Another alternative for TM Century users.
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    Digi Games Visit

    I would like to take a couple minutes to thank Tom Dorsher from Digi-Games for his recent trip to the great city of Grimes, IA, the home of ProDJ. We purchased his new game show sysem, and he took the time to come down and deliver it personally to us, and then spent several hours training, and...
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    TM Century Video Disks

    For those computer DJs doing video...
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    Game Show Producer Software

    We are doing our first big Game Show Producer show this weekend at a large event here in town. We are doing about 4-5 hours of game show. i have been coming up with a bunch of questions of my own, but am afraid that I may not come up with enough. If anyone else uses the software, and would like...
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    More family news & update

    Back in July, I informed everyone that my wife and I had taken in a new born baby and were working to adopt him. For those who had not seen it before, here is the thread 2 weeks ago, we got a call...
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    New Years Eve On Saturday

    With New Years Eve on a Saturday this year, we are getting a good number of inquiries for that date. I know in the past people on this board have said they tend to raise their rates for New Years. What are you charging people this year and is that different than in the past since it is on a...
  19. B Fantasy Football 2005

    It is that time of year again. I have set up this years Fantasy Football League on Yahoo! Sports. We have had fun the past few years with this. When you get signed up, post here so we know what team you are. This is an Auto draft, and will take place the Tuesday of the opening week...
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    Huge Family News

    This will come as a shock to most of you who know me and my wife Jessica. A number of you met her at the Las Vegas or Niagra Mobile Beat shows, she ran the DJ Cruise booth. These past 2week has been a very exciting and hectic time for us. Jessica and I were called late Sunday (the 3rd) by her...