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    Why displaying a Laptop and/or Ipod was not in the best interest for us DJs

    I just picked up all one schools dances because I use school safe songs. Also I help monitor the bump and grinding. I also do video which no other DJ does in my city. I took this school away from a very popular DJ. I was told he was to student friendly.
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    Making improvements this year?

    I would like to add some uplighting and purchase the skywriter X-Laser color writer and like Drax lose some weight about 40lbs. Marty
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    Vertical Banner for Bridal Shows

    Banner Company This company does quality work. Marty
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    Tuesdays are for lovers

    I did a wedding on Thursday a couple weeks ago. Marty
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    I need a new facade.. please help me decide!

    Facade I bought one of these I like it found it on Ebay, Marty
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    Stand By Me Song

    This is STAND BY ME like you've never heard it! This video was done by 5 sound engineers who went around the world recording individuals performing this song. They then blended them together into one song and video, which is, IMHO, wonderful. Click on the link below. The first guy shown is at...
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    The new ADJA site is more unpredictable than my bowel movements

    I had a problem emailed Drax it was fixed in an hour. Thanks Drax for thegreat service, I don't know of many companies that fix problems that quickly. Marty
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    Surprize Wedding Great Story

    This groom did a lot of planing. Marty
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    Need Songs for a Dance Contest

    Here are some more . Michael Jackson – “Billie Jean” 2. Prince – “Kiss” 3. Stevie Wonder – “Superstition, I Wish” 4. Kings of Leon – “Sex on Fire” 5. Rolling Stones – “Brown Sugar” Marty
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    Computer use outdoors... cant see

    I use a pc shade. Marty
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    New YouTube Sky Writer Laser Show

    Put in next years budget I want one Marty
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    Hey, Christian DJs ... What's New?

    found this on Amazon Marty
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    John Dunbar Theme - Jazz Mix

    are talking about the song buffalo hunt I foun it on itunes marty
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    Any good Dj Podcasts?

    I tune has some podcasts
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    two topics

    Any one else seeen this video? Looks Like it might fun with the right people.
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    Your Internet Provider?

    I use Att extreme it is fast enough Marty
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    Roger Ridley Street Singer

    Listen to Roger he is good.
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    DJ's... just answer the question....

    I ask the same questions Karl does and then go from there if the date is open. Marty
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    Prom Saturday night

    Yes I used the two Bose sticks with 4 B1's had the volume set about 60 to 65% had more than enough sound, I had no complaints about volume. I bought the facade on Ebay from it has an aluminum frame weighs about 20 lbs. he also makes floor models. This was the first time I...