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  1. JTizzle

    Insurance shopping

    ... Not business insurance though. I'm asking this OT question here since you all seem to give honest, objective reviews and responses - so don't let me down now. If this thread belongs elsewhere, then elsewhere it will go. Not looking to open a can of worms, and don't want any hate speeches...
  2. JTizzle

    Under table lighting

    What are you all using to light under round tables - like cake table for example? My SlimPar 56's don't give enough coverage.
  3. JTizzle

    With a Little Help From My Friends...

    For starters, I hate asking this. It's been a loooong time since I adverstised at a bridal show, and having only recently added uplighting/monogram services, I am in desperate need of images. Are there any resources for high resolution uplighting images out there? I have a few from recent...
  4. JTizzle

    Moving heads questions

    I am contemplating a couple of moving heads but don't really have any experience with them or DMX. No doubt I can learn it quickly, but some upfront advice would be helpful. Take a Chauvet Intimidator Spot 350 (or similar) as an example... I know using ShowExpress or some similar software...
  5. JTizzle

    Video Testimonials

    Hey friends - need some professional advice/opinions. For those of you who record and use video testimonials for marketing purposes, how, when and where do you like to schedule and shoot them? Any content ideas or technical advice you can offer would be great! Do you have a list of questions...
  6. JTizzle

    Color Coordination

    Hello everyone...need a suggestion... I have a wedding reception to provide uplighting and their colors are black, silver and cream. I think it will come off very well together, and I usually come up with either coordinating or complimentary color ideas, but this has me stumped. Any ideas...
  7. JTizzle

    Luau Party

    Ok you crazy kids...looking for a few suggestions. Have a gig tomorrow night at a local watering hole for their annual Luau Party. I have plenty of beach/summer fun type of music as well as current stuff, but I am wondering if there is some good club or summer party style stuff I might want to...
  8. JTizzle

    I have a heart ... however

    Another first. Here is a note from a bride submitted through our web site. Now, don't get me wrong ... I'm all about sympathetic issues, but this takes the cake (pun intended) :cool: Hi! We are getting married on XXXX, 2012 at 6:00pm at the XXXXX. It will all be in the same venue, same...
  9. JTizzle

    My first same sex reception

    Hey peeps, To follow up on my post regarding the same topic ... my first same sex reception after 27 years in the biz. It turned out great! I wasn't worried about producing a memorable event, but more curious of experiences you all have had. Lo and behold, it was really the same as any...
  10. JTizzle

    Licensing question

    Okay peeps...need some advice here. I know licensing has come up before, but each situation seems unique so I thought I'd throw it out there. I have a "friend" whose daughter is in an ice skating show and they have asked me to "DJ" because they are using music from Phantom and Wicked for some...
  11. JTizzle

    Lighting pricing help

    Howdy friends. First of all, thanks to everyone for sharing. Even after being in the biz since '84, I learn things from all of you! I need some ideas on establishing pricing for wash/uplight and/or additional lighting effects services. I'm hedging on per-fixture price vs. a package price...
  12. JTizzle

    Photo booth brands and experience

    Not sure where this subject matter should go, so I used Gear Board. I am interested in hearing from photo booth owners on a few things: What brand(s) you own would you buy another of the same why or why not I'd especially like feedback from anyone who owns more than one booth made...
  13. JTizzle

    Just for a chuckle