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  1. JTizzle

    Anyone here live in or close to Cleveland, OH?

    I'd be glad to handle it for you Steve.
  2. JTizzle

    Bad things from MY past? Not possible ...

    And you call yourself a professional. Ha!!
  3. JTizzle

    Last night's gig...

    Care to share your playlist?
  4. JTizzle

    Candy in My Heels

    E.U.'s "Da' Butt" has been grossly misconstrued, but I am a gentleman. :shocked!:
  5. JTizzle

    At My Earliest Convenience

    Mine NOW says, "Thanks for calling. I'll call you back when Jodi says so." :silly:
  6. JTizzle

    roll call

  7. JTizzle

    Interesting statistic ... do you experience the same ... why is it?

    This should be nothing new to the seasoned pros who frequent this and other DJ boards. The cream will rise to the top by offering VALUE. Here's an idea ... raise your prices and include lighting. Even if the hall provided a shoddy version of lighting, yours will impress even more. Remember...
  8. JTizzle

    Hi Jodi ... do you guys happen to have a Nimbus or other dry ice machine? I am interested in...

    Hi Jodi ... do you guys happen to have a Nimbus or other dry ice machine? I am interested in renting for Friday July wedding if so.
  9. JTizzle

    So ... why not spice up your weddings with a new game?

    Is that a Columbus thing? Include the DJ??? O-H....
  10. JTizzle

    Songs to start runners at a race?

    Born To Be Wild - "Get Your Motor Runnin..." Steppenwolf.
  11. JTizzle

    Insurance shopping

    ... Not business insurance though. I'm asking this OT question here since you all seem to give honest, objective reviews and responses - so don't let me down now. If this thread belongs elsewhere, then elsewhere it will go. Not looking to open a can of worms, and don't want any hate speeches...
  12. JTizzle

    Dinner/Cocktail music ideas

    I'm with Tom - I try to cater to their tastes and use "undance-able" songs from their list. Also, I encourage a fun way to get guests involved: With the wedding invitations, I encourage the bride and groom to ask each guest to include THEIR wedding song, if they are married, of course. I then...
  13. JTizzle

    Under table lighting

    What are you all using to light under round tables - like cake table for example? My SlimPar 56's don't give enough coverage.
  14. JTizzle

    Crappy phone video, but neat execution

    Awesome display - but, to me, the real kudos go for doing something special and making it great for the kids.
  15. JTizzle

    Looking for some constructive advice on our website

    First of all, kudos for asking opinions - shows your commitment to making it better. Your use of images...nice! Content seems good. Agree with Robert on the white text. A personal opinion is the use of too many colors in menu bars, text, etc. The bright yellow and neon greens give it a bit...
  16. JTizzle

    Can I get a click-click?

    Done. Kick some @ Jason!!!
  17. JTizzle

    Chinese music recommendations?

    Anyway to check out music charts that are popular there now? Just a thought.
  18. JTizzle

    yikes - Gentlemen ...

    I've heard it's already a sensation in the Columbus area. Hehe.
  19. JTizzle

    Mobile Beat Article - burning cds?

    Ryan - it's awesome that you are going to follow through on this. I for one appreciate the professionalism displayed by you, the magazine, and everyone here. However, with all due respect, aren't your contributors/authors/articles edited and proofed before publication?
  20. JTizzle

    Hi Brian, I remember you mentioned using some steel bases and black pipe for perimeter lighting...

    Hi Brian, I remember you mentioned using some steel bases and black pipe for perimeter lighting stands. What pipe size are you using? Any chance I could rent 4 of these setups from you on Friday, July 26? I'm in Akron. I will be using the Chauvet 6 spot on each - for table lighting. If so...