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    Weird issue with VDJ7 - unable to play MP3???

    VDJ7 will not play an mp3 correctly, but the same mp3 will play on itunes. I found out yesterday by accident. Several of my mp3's have done this - instead of music, you hear what sounds like a single snare drum beat in a set pattern. I've enclosed a screen shot - two versions of the same...
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    OSX Lion Compatibility with VDJ7?

    I'd like to get on the OSX Lion platform soon, but i'm not touching it until I know if VD7 is compatible with it. Anyone? Thanks! B
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    VDJ7 & deleted files still showing up in search

    Title says all. I have Virtual DJ 7, found some duplicates in Itunes, but the deleted files are still showing up in VDJ7 search. Help? OSX, Trash Bin has been emptied and the DB has already been scanned for tags. Thanks! Brian
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    Wedding Song list help!

    I'm doing my first wedding in 5 years. I've been to a couple this year but this coming Friday, i'm DJ'ing a wedding. I've got the song list taken care of that was provided to me by the bride/groom. But i'm asking nicely for a list of popular wedding songs. Please help me out. :) Been a...
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    Reccomendations - 2 channel USB soundcard

    Switching to MP3's, i've got a Macbook Pro along with Traktor DJ Pro. Having some issues with trying to use the onboard sound (yeah yeah, shoot me for being cheap...) card.. pointers on usb cards i can use? 2 channels is all I need as i'll still be carrying my dual cd rack along with me as a...
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    Traktor Pro Support

    Folks - help me out! I've purchased a macbook pro, and landed a copy of traktor pro. This is going to be my dj laptop once i've coverted from cd's to mp3's. In the meantime, i'll be using both mediums until i've completed the transfer. What I would like to do for starters is use my...
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    Help me put together this system!

    Folks, I have a normal rig that I use with a specific set up.. i'm going to post the equipment I have, then if anyone has any suggestions for my setup, please do. I Want to make sure i'm getting the best bang for my money and also make sure i'm not doing anything wrong. Here's my inventory...
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    alltunes vs itunes vs royalty payments for dj'ing

    Had an interesting debate with a friend of mine who uses - even though in a different topic on here, i recall an posting related to a sales rep stating once you pay for a track, you own it. I guess the question is, how many of you actually pay money to artists and any royalty...
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    sound system rental pricing

    I'm in the middle of negotiating with a school in DC on sound system rentals. Can someone post some company names in the DC area so i can call for comparison? Basically, i feel that the price quote i've given is reasonable. Below is a copy and paste from the sender and i'm debating whether...
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    Need Glowsticks Asap!

    Client dropped a bomb on me this afternoon. I need to see where i can find decent glowsticks and delivered by this FRIDAY to my home. Thanks for your help folks! Brian
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    QSC 3402 Powershut down issue?

    Folks, I did an event last friday at a local college.. since it was a deaf event, i needed more power and had a pair of CV SL36b's. (remember those?) :) Anyways, this was the first time i've actually had an issue. I brought a 2nd amp as a backup. Here's my basic setup: 2 amps and 6...
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    RIP Paul Newman

    Paul Newman passed away at the age of 83 from cancer. I'm gonna miss that guy. :(
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    Virgin Festival @ Baltimore 2008

    Anyone go? I was blown away by the sound system. All Martin Audio, London series. 2 days, media pass, back stage @ the Dance Tent.. for those who are familiar with famous dj's, I was able to shake hands with Moby, Ferry Corsten, Deadmau5, Armin Van Buuren, Rabbit In The Moon, Underworld...
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    Ravers lose eye vision... (copyright MSNBC.COM) MOSCOW - Dozens of partygoers at an outdoor rave near Moscow last week have lost partial vision after a laser light show burned their retinas, Russian health officials said on Monday. Moscow city health department officials...
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    site loading slow???

    Seems whenever I use Firefox, this site takes up to 2-3 mins for it to load, whereas using IE, it's a lot faster. At first I thought it was my work computer, and i get the same results on my home PC. Is there an incompatibility issue now? Thanks, B
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    Equipment rental locations in MD?

    Looking to rent a pair of Pioneer CDJ-800 MKII's for an event on April 19th. Does anyone have any recommendations on where i can rent a pair of these locally? I'm in Silver Spring, MD. I'm thinking about buying a pair, but want to give them a test run first. Thanks! Brian
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    NHL Playoffs! Who's watching and who are you rooting for? OT

    Ok folks, it's hockey time! While I'm a rabid Red Wings fan, I'm also rooting for the Washington Capitals. Seeing Ovechkin play about 20 times this year has me convinced he's much better than Sidney Crosby. I'm going to the first two games of round one with the Caps and flyers playing. Who are...
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    Pacemaker DJ tool??? Looks like it has a lot of potential.. guess the question would be... would YOU use this? B
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    Cops shut down the event...

    I dj'ed a private party on Sunday night. It was a deaf event, and i was asked to bring in some mean bass. Before I go on, here's a breakdown of my system: 2 CV V152 powered by a QSC PLX-2 1804 (600 watts x 2) 2 CV SL-36B Folded horn sub woofers powered by a QSC 3402 in bridged mode (approx...
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    Spanish music suggestions

    I'm DJ'ing a hispanic festival next weekend, and thought i'd ask you guys for some suggestions on music. It's mainly a college crowd and they're asking for a good variety of spanish music. Does anyone have suggestions or a playlist that I could refer with when picking up new music? I'm not...