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    Wireless in Nashville

    If you operate wireless microphones in the Nashville area you should know that there will be a new tV station on the air starting July 11th ... channel 25. That means that 536-542 MHz will no longer be available for wireless mics in most of that area. The FCC did allow station to petition for...
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    Wireless mic reception - Digital wireless

    Nicky B said: "Everything that transmits an RF signal will eventually go DIGITAL. With the airways getting more and more crowded, they'll have to go digital to put more signals into the same bandwidth. Eventually, I foresee putting an encryption/decryption chip in everything that transmits...
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    Consumer alert - wireless mics

    As part of the new FCC R&O's regarding the 700 mHz band, retailers are now required to warn consumers to some of the new regulations. I am seeing these warnings pop up on some of the major web retailer's sites. "Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system...