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  1. jodi

    Star Wars Fans?

    Yes, I'm "interested", and I'm a JJ Abrams AND general pop culture fan ... but, I'll be seeing Sisters this week (Amy Poehler and Tina Fey yes please!) and will wait a tiny bit to enjoy the new Star Wars. However, many people I like REALLY like Star Wars. If you're a fan, here's a treat for...
  2. jodi

    Local Magazine Quotes

    Our local wedding magazine wrote an article about popular wedding songs. The writer sent me a list of a few, and asked for short "thoughts" on each. My answers, along with replies from 2 other DJs, are featured in the current issue. Check it out...
  3. jodi

    I Like Mail & Magazines...

    But - please help me. We REALLY only need one copy - I swear! Today's mail at the office: HELP! (Please!)
  4. jodi

    Dj Glenn Miller - Liver Transplant

    Today on facebook, I came across this information about DJ Glenn Miller, and a gofundme account to help raise some money for expenses associated with a pending liver transplant. Although I never met him, I have been around, and in the beginning days of internet, I remember chatting with other...
  5. jodi

    More Wrecking Crew Stuff ...

    I finally saw The Wrecking Crew yesterday! Such an interesting glimpse of the music and the producers and especially the musicians who made the music. I really enjoyed it. I use the word "glimpse" because there is SO much music, and SO many stories ... I feel it could've been Part 1 of a Ken...
  6. jodi

    Movie Trailer "the Wrecking Crew"

    Finally - this documentary is out! Anyone else interested in this? (@Ken Heath! I know you are) This is at a local theater this weekend ... I'm planning to go.
  7. jodi

    4 Difficult Jobs Everyone Thinks They Would Be Good At...

    (Spoiler alert: Wedding DJ is #2):hp23:
  8. jodi

    My Throwback Song Of The Week

    This song :hp8: Hipster Video: Or just LISTEN here:!/s/My+Definition+Of+A+Boombastic+Jazz+Style+Dream+Warriors/4iI5iM?src=5
  9. jodi

    John Legend

    Any John Legend fans out there? Check out my newest blog post - he's raffling off a private performance to raise money for his old high school.
  10. jodi


    Who's with me cheering on Ohio State football? Rollcall!
  11. jodi

    Father Daughter Wedding Song

    I always think I know EVERY song ... but, I continue to learn songs new and old! This is the song for the father/daughter dance at my wedding this Friday. How did I not know about this one? It's darling.
  12. jodi

    Just Dance 2015

    Sometimes, I wonder HOW people (especially kids, tweens, and teens) KNOW songs. So, I'm always paying attention to songs in movies, TV, commercials etc... Another good source is Dance Dance Revolution, and Just Dance. Look below, and don't be surprised when 12 year olds start requesting the...
  13. jodi

    Wedding Fireworks

    In a few weeks, I have a wedding ceremony/reception out in the country on the bride's family farm, that will be ending in a ten minute fireworks show. (The same professional company who presented the fireworks at The Ohio State Fair ... so not Uncle Joe and the local firework store ;) ) I am...
  14. jodi

    All About That Bass

    Who's with me in thinking this is awesome?!
  15. jodi

    Trust Me

    Towards the end of blow-out dance party wedding reception Saturday night ... where "frat rock" oldies, 90s throwback and cheesy disco were the floor fillers most of the night ... some tipsy dude comes up and stares at me while holding his phone. "Hey" I say "Listen, you got to play my song"...
  16. jodi

    Tbt - 1 Hit Wonder?

    I haven't posted any throwback songs for a while ... but when I heard this on the radio, I had to head to google to ID it for me (I just could not place it!) ha ha So ... who remembers this one?
  17. jodi


    For the wedding I DJed this past Saturday, the couple requested soundtrack music during dinner. "DJ choice" from these: Lord of The Rings Gladiator How to Train Your Dragon Raiders of The Lost Ark Star Wars Harry Potter Catch Me If You Can The Incredibles ... and a few more... I can't...
  18. jodi

    When Monkeys Create Floorplans

    Check out this floorplan I just got for my wedding this Saturday. :rolleyes: Seriously? Anyhoo - it's already changed and handled. But, this is a professional hip venue AND experienced caterer. Seriously......
  19. jodi

    Memorial 5k

    I've DJed/MCed for lots of different kinds of clubs, gatherings, special events, etc.. over the years - but I've got my first 5 K soon. The young (19) man the memorial run is for lost his life just this past April, so it's all pretty fresh/raw. The young man was on high school and college...
  20. jodi

    Fyi: Rock And Roll Hof To Evict Alan Freed's Ashes

    Here are the first few lines from the story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer .... if you want to click through fyi or to comment: By Laura DeMarco, The Plain Dealer on August 02, 2014 at 6:36 PM, updated August 02, 2014 at 9:57 PM CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is in...