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  1. jodi

    Song Many?

    I have never set a minimum OR maximum number of requests. For some clients, it's all they can do to pick a first dance, and then they instruct me to "just play what people like"! For some clients, I have received spread sheets of every song they have ever liked, sometimes hundreds of tunes...
  2. jodi

    Big E Passed Away...

    I am so sorry for your heartbreaking loss.
  3. jodi

    The Best To You All, And Happy Holiday's

    Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you, too!
  4. jodi

    Bridal/fashion Show Tunes

    Here are a few newer ideas that are lively and modern like Bom Bom ... My Type by Saint Motel Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne Handclap by Fitz and The Tantrums Hey Now by Matt & Kim and a couple with a little funkier tempo 100 Yard Dash by Raphael Saadiq This Girl by Kungs vs Cookin on...
  5. jodi

    "same Time Frame, Give Or Take Extra 1/2 Hour, Looking For Better Price"....

    Crazy - they obviously liked and remembered you! Here's an idea for a little script to practice for this time, or next time. Good Luck! :-) "So happy to hear from you, and so glad you loved the party last year! I got many compliments from your guests, and would love to do it again! Listen...
  6. jodi

    Yacht Rock Is Back On Sirius - X M !!!

    Thanks to @wifedj for posting this playlist for LAST YEAR'S channel, and removing the duplicates. {cut and pasted from previous thread} The Yacht Rock Playlist, alphabetically by Artist ("first name" "last name") then Title and with the 74 duplicate plays removed: Artist - Title 10cc -...
  7. jodi

    6th Grade Grad Dance Gone Very Wrong

    Sorry for your lousy event. Parents were planning, decorating and taking pictures, I'm sure - but - where was the administration? I have a middle school I DJ for 4 times a year, and the principal does not leave the room. She walks around, and stays involved, and if any of the nonsense you...
  8. jodi

    2016 Prom Music Log

    All good and fun songs. I like it! (I'm guessing Downtown Funk mean Uptown Funk :-) ) It's been said before, but teen dances aren't just playing what's on the radio - they want to have fun, and want a mix of stuff. I had the top 40 radio station on about an hour yesterday (Ryan Seacrest...
  9. jodi

    Your Guardian Angel - Instrumental Version

    Vitamin String Quartet has an instrumental version to purchase. I'm not aware of a piano cover to purchase, except one to stream that I found on Soundcloud. 2 years ago, I found a local guitarist to play and record "I Choose You", because bride wanted to sing it at the wedding...
  10. jodi

    Ok In Nc

    That's great news Bill! I'm sure it was scary, nonetheless.
  11. jodi

    R I P Singer Natalie Cole Dead At 65

    I've always been a fan. I truly can't count the number of times I've played This Will Be (An Everlasting Love), or Unforgettable duet.... among others. Thinking today of a couple earlier hits that I don't play every week, but always loved, like Inseparable, and this one that ALWAYS gets me:
  12. jodi

    Happy Birthday . . .. To Me

    Happy happy congratulations!
  13. jodi

    Star Wars Fans?

    Have any of you FANS listened to/watched the video at the top of this post? Just curious if you liked it, or were already aware of it.
  14. jodi

    Star Wars Fans?

    Bill - Enjoy Star Wars! Also, enjoy Good Dinosaur when you take the 5 year old to that. (Heard the background effects are spectacular!)
  15. jodi

    Gear List For My Podcast Studio.

    Yes, of course. Akron Ohio's most famous celebrity ... other than birthday boy (prodigal son), and Trainwreck STAR, LeBron James .... whom everyone in Ohio loves again!
  16. jodi

    Gear List For My Podcast Studio.

    ^Sounds good. I will be sharing this, for sure. :hp16: I just shared with this group (started by a friend here in Central Ohio)
  17. jodi

    Gear List For My Podcast Studio.

    Good Luck! It all looks great. So - what's your content?
  18. jodi

    Star Wars Fans?

    Yes, I'm "interested", and I'm a JJ Abrams AND general pop culture fan ... but, I'll be seeing Sisters this week (Amy Poehler and Tina Fey yes please!) and will wait a tiny bit to enjoy the new Star Wars. However, many people I like REALLY like Star Wars. If you're a fan, here's a treat for...
  19. jodi

    It's A Throwback But Still Popular.

    Not my top ten disco, but, c'mon, it's EWF so it's great. Top ten EWF for sure :-)
  20. jodi

    Robert Loggia, R I P

    So lovable in Big!