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  1. NickyB

    How to Price & Name Packages

    Always use 3 packages ... 8 out of 10 potential clients will choose the middle package. My guess is they don't want to appear too cheap but don't want to go overboard. As for naming packages....You can use the "Olympics" theme of Bronze, Silver and Gold; or the "Gem" theme of Ruby, Emerald and...
  2. NickyB

    Thanks CORONA....2 events cancelled in the last week

    I've had a cancellation for July 4 already ... I'm not surprised!
  3. NickyB

    Think I am done with sweet 16 and school dances..Modern Technology????

    I have gotten away from "kids events" and just about all "first time weddings" completely. Now that I've hit retirement age, I work primarily for the 55+ communities here in Florida. Not working as much as I used too, but I'm happy to be enjoying life .... I'm in the computer club passing my 40...
  4. NickyB

    Hardly any bookings for Christmas parties....

    Slow December here too this past year .... I've really slowed down since moving from Maryland to Florida. They roll up the sidewalks in these "senior 55+ communities" around 8:00PM. And when I am DJ'ing at a dance, I've noticed the hall nearly empties right after the door prize drawings! The...
  5. NickyB

    What’s Happened To This Forum?

    Cap - You know I still love ya!
  6. NickyB

    What’s Happened To This Forum?

    Jamie - I'm still running a pair of "old" Martin Synchrozaps ... But I've unloaded the bulk of my old Martin fixtures. I know you haven't worked for Martin in quite some time. What I have left is 2 scx-500 scanners, 1 efx-500 and those 2 zaps. All the rest is LED stuff like twenty Chauvet rgb...
  7. NickyB

    What’s Happened To This Forum?

    Thanks for the kind words ... just put up my new website and back in business after a six month hiatus since mobile beat stopped supporting DJ websites. Trying to limit the number of gigs and also my audience ...... love doing it for all these 55+ communities in my area.
  8. NickyB

    Had a Flashback

    Congrats on the upgrade and enjoy the new digs! I've got my MD home on the market now and am enjoying life in FL.
  9. NickyB

    What’s Happened To This Forum?

    Thanks - good to know
  10. NickyB

    What’s Happened To This Forum?

    Gee .... hope I'm not included in that "over reaching" mod squad. I felt I was always fair and tried to offer good advice to those who asked. I do have to agree that FaceBook had a lot to do with killing this forum, however with all their info gathering/selling problems, seems this would be a...
  11. NickyB

    First wedding in 20+ years...

    Watch it now .... there are others here who may be long-in-the-tooth (assuming we still have teeth). Lou, I'm sure you'll remember how its done; like riding a bike, it'll come back quick. I haven't done a 1st wedding in about 6 yrs now but find myself DJ'ing for many a 2nd and 3rd weddings and...
  12. NickyB

    You want what????

    My website always referred them to DJ Intelligence's online database to make their playlist. I did restrict them to 25 titles max as any more would remove my abilities to read and please their audience. Years ago, at my start in this biz, I allowed a bride and groom to pick them all .... it was...
  13. NickyB


    BIG jobs and looks great. How many people in attendance?
  14. NickyB

    In Good Company?

    CUTE ... Drop it
  15. NickyB

    Only Retired DJs Are "Real" DJs

    You go Cap ...... I do pretty much the same thing down here in Florida! I'm in a beautiful 55+ community, screened in, in-ground pool and if I cross the street from the back of my house, I'm at the golf course club house, restaurant/bar, practice green and the largest of our 4 ballroom/pool...
  16. NickyB

    Only Retired DJs Are "Real" DJs

    I agree with Cap whole-heartedly .....
  17. NickyB

    Need software to make Contracts for DJ business any Suggestions?

    Thanks Cap, I figured it out and saved a blank contract with the fields predefined therein. You need to use the column headers as the variables, then in the blank contract you define the variables as <<header_name>>. You can select a single or multiple records from the spreadsheet. Thanks and...
  18. NickyB

    Need software to make Contracts for DJ business any Suggestions?

    Cap - I know MS Word and MS Access work well together but can MS Word contracts extract client data from MS Excel? Kinda like a mail-merge doc?
  19. NickyB

    Member Since 2002

    Gee, I've been around since uh .... can't remember, I'm OLD, and I only have 63 points! In any case, Welcome aboard and post more often!
  20. NickyB

    It's Time To Hang Up The Headphones!

    Not fully retired yet .... still got a gig or two left for these seniors down here in Florida but also giving back to worthy causes like Hospice, Wounded Warriors, American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society.