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    Any suggestions on cell or wifi service at events with Pulselocker. downloading is very slow?

    Any suggestions on cell or wifi service at events with Pulselocker. downloading is very slow?

    Best Prepaid Mifi For Pulselocker

    I have been using Pulselocker with cellular data and find its slow at downloading I'm thinking of going with Mifi a dedicated internet connection and want to know what is the best out there. thanks

    Im So Ugg

    I really don't want a subscription service so I can use software to run my business, is there any stand alone program out there that dose contracts, and finical in one?

    Want To Use Classic Par Cans

    Those Bulbs won't work I have this style of bulb

    Want To Use Classic Par Cans

    I have 8 Par 46 cans circa 1987, I would like to use them but need a controller/dimmer pack, don't want to spend a lot any Ideas?

    Hc4500 Sound Card Issues

    I have contacted Denon and I am using the ASIO 2.22 Driver set to 4 Channel Output but from their standpoint they say it could be a defective controller, they gave me the previous firmware's but I cant remember how to roll it back can you guys help. R.I.P. Softjock Rick.

    Certificate Of Liability

    in my 28 years as a dj I have never needed or beensasked for a certificate of Liability until now. Because the event this Friday was for a Non-Profit I was going to charge them 100.00 then they asked for the C of L, a 1 event C of L would cost me 104.00 so the job would have been a lost of...

    Hc4500 Sound Card Issues

    Ok I am back to using Rocket Pro, I was using the 2 USB cards on my Mixer but wanted to try something, I and using the 1 usb cable from the HC4500 but both decks play on ch 1 whats wrong.

    B112W Bluetooth Speakers

    Well first thing the XLR Cables are a trip hazard, most venues wont let you tape cables to the floor, second it cuts the setup and tear down time dramatically, third It just looks professional. beside what other reason would you use a B112W with your iPad, iPod, you sure would look silly at an...
  10. GEPLLC

    B112W Bluetooth Speakers

    I want to go wireless, so I have 2 choices, Option 1 Berhingers B112W with and Bluetooth transmitter and 3.5mm to Stereo XLR Female adapter. Option 2 Berhingers B112D with Zennheiser wireless Speaker package with all parts to run on AC power from Cost for Option 1 is $650.00 or...
  11. GEPLLC

    Looking at new DJ software?

    Hi guys, I'm going for a $20,000.00 Grant and since Capt. Rick has passed I'm not sure if Rocket Pro will get customer service or updates, so im looking for a second DJ program as a backup. I am using a Denon HC4500 Midi controller, any suggestions. R.I.P. Rick you will be forever missed.
  12. GEPLLC

    Sad News

    Rick Cimorelli, Owner of Softjock was killed in a car accident, no info on what happened. Info directly from R.I.P. Rick you will truly be missed.:(
  13. GEPLLC

    Need Help with GigBuilder

    Hello fellow Djs, I'm trying to set up the client portal of Gig builder and need help, I watched the video on youtube but cant seem to get it right, If you can help me I would appreciate it.
  14. GEPLLC

    switching to Digital contracts

    I'm using a iMac and want to know if there is a easy to use booking software for DJs, Video, and photo. cant see paying 600.00 for infomanager 3.5