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  1. g-man

    New mics

    I'm looking for new microphones specifically for ceremonies. I currently use a wireless stand mic that works but can be unsightly. I've been thinking about wireless lavaliers, but I would like a handheld in case 1. I need to make announcements 2. There's a problem with one of the lavs. I like...
  2. g-man

    DJing in the Bay Area in NorCal!

    DJing in the Bay Area in NorCal!
  3. g-man

    Marketing Concept: Story Telling & Understanding The Hero

    During my no-obligation, pre-contract meeting with a bride and groom, I like to have the bride do an imagination session. "You have the dress, you have the hall. You've thought about this a lot. What do you you see yourself walking down the aisle to? What kind of music do you envision walking...
  4. g-man

    Attending Rehearsal

    Since most of my events are incredibly close to me (seriously, <5 miles away), I offer it as a value-added feature when I close with a bride and groom. It's also a chance to make nice with a coordinator for a future referral.
  5. g-man

    Wed. Event Tune-up: Please Cease And Desist!

    The thing I like about beat mixing is that I can mix old school and new stuff into a single set and keep people dancing. But I also use boxcar mixes and fades.
  6. g-man

    Ecstatic Dance

    Has anyone ever spun at one of these ( Any tips? It's a little on the granola/hippy side of things, started with something called the 5rhythms movement ( and evolved into a free-form dance ... thing. Starts slow with...
  7. g-man

    First Set Of A Event

    Always a tough call. I used to save some "hot" songs for later in the night, when everyone is dancing. Now I hit them with that stuff early -- once they're dancing, they tend to keep dancing. For weddings, I like to start with the married couples' dance and once everyone is on the floor move...
  8. g-man

    Song Help?

    Tried it, no luck.
  9. g-man

    The True Value Of A Pro Dj - As Valued By My Daughter's School

    Just to play devil's advocate for a minute -- you showed up at an event to which you had not been formally invited and for which you had no confirmation, then got upset, even though you were offered a gig, which would presumably be for your regular rate? I understand that these moms may have...
  10. g-man

    Song Help?

    Hi all, I was at an event called ecstatic dance last weekend and I heard a song the DJ could only name from her notes, which listed it by the refrain: "Hey Hey Gonna Rock This Place," which has a female singer repeating that line over and over. It's techno style, and NOT the one all over the...
  11. g-man


    Hi all, Good to be back after a long hiatus and a cross-country move to sunny CA. For the past few years, I've been doing 99.9% of my events as an independent contractor with a firm that provides liability insurance for me. I recently picked up an event for some at-risk kids, only to find...
  12. g-man

    My poor bride from last weekend...

    The band was an ethnic Armenian wedding band. If you ever go to a wedding like this, you'll see people - usually the father of the bride or groom, but others as well - tossing $100 in singles in the air on the dance floor a few times during the night. This is how the musicians get paid...
  13. g-man

    My poor bride from last weekend...

    Long story short, I was hired at my usual rate to play band breaks for an Armenian wedding. I arranged with the bride to play a set of mainstream for the first break. Filled the floor. Band comes back on after dinner and WON'T GET OFF. The banquet manager had to go out on the floor to get...
  14. g-man

    Name this piece of gear...

    No need for us to name it, Bill. You probably called it plenty of names yourself back in the day...
  15. g-man

    Latin music needed

    Turns out I need some Latin music for an upcoming event. I have plenty of older stuff (Latin music for Gringos is my favorite collection), but I wonder if anyone can suggest a general collection of must-have songs, new and old. I know Latin is a bit like country - that is, stuff goes up and...
  16. g-man

    Radio & Records Ceases to Exist

    R&R got me two gigs! I also got bits and even a Dan Ingram aircheck from there. I actually had one of those PDs. I think the voting section on 20 on 20 will be my alternative. I found out recently that some execs are buying spots with :20 of a song in it - just enough for the computer to...
  17. g-man

    Problem with B-52 Matrix AND the company (please excuse the length!)

    Bill, It's the left channel, not the left speaker, that seems to be out. When I switched the Speak-on outputs to the speakers, the right speaker (now run from the left chanel) didn't work. My backup speakers - run from the XLR outputs from my mixer - worked just fine, so there wasn't a...
  18. g-man

    What's you favorite Sirius satellite radio show

    My XM was stolen from my truck but I loved the Joe Frank show on the book channel. Siriusly weird $h!t. Seriously.
  19. g-man

    Problem with B-52 Matrix AND the company (please excuse the length!)

    DJMM, The sevice center insists there's nothing wrong, but how can I trust them when I have my own ears and two witnesses. This may be an intermittent problem, but if it happened in the past at an event, I have no reason not to think it won't happen again.