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  1. Bill_Goode

    Covid19 and You!

    Let’s start an off-social media sound off about how this is affecting you...
  2. Bill_Goode

    Hey howdy!!

    Just wanted to let everyone know we are here!!
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    I Love the Tools, but the Continuing Education...

    It dawned on me recently... I have been at this for a moment. When I started, I had two turntables and a cassette deck. Made the transition to CDs, then to digital. Along the way, lighting has changed, video has dramatically changed, and what we offer as entertainers is light years ahead of...
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    Sooooo, I am free this weekend. Wife is out of town, no events are booked, and this first dip into fall weather will kill the weeds in the backyard. Whatever should I do with my downtime???
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    Happy Birthday BILL SMITH!!

    Happy Birthday to our own Bill E. B. Smith!!! he turns 21 again, today!! :)
  6. Bill_Goode

    Home Office Design

    Hi, We are redoing the home offices for my wife and myself. The living room has become my wife's office, and I still have an upstairs room to run World HQ. I'm looking for a few things: - Aesthetics: It needs to look nice. Even though my wife will have a desk, I'm going to have a bistro table...
  7. Bill_Goode

    Lead On An Event In San Diego

    Hey San Diego peeps, I have a lead on a recurring event in your area. This is from my movie screen business partner, he has the details: Anybody is located in the San Diego market? I have a good gig to offer, and they can e-mail me ( directly if they are in San Diego...
  8. Bill_Goode

    I Have To Give Him A Shout...

    Cap Capello is Da Man! For years, I have seen the Bose compact stuff for sale, and became uber-impressed when the power went out at a venue and he saved the day using one Bose compact and a battery pack. He had a sale that made owning Bose L1 compacts this past summer that made it cheaper to...
  9. Bill_Goode

    Like It Or Not, This Impacts Us

    Interesting read on Millennials putting off traditional things. They are waiting longer to get married and for other certain things that do have a direct impact on services we offer. Redirecting to their needs will help our industry overall, but those who cater directly to the wedding industry...
  10. Bill_Goode

    Big E Passed Away...

    No words. Just sad, but glad he is no longer in agony. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Big E, Eldon...

    Hey gang, Anyone who went on the Party Posse with Big E and GroovieLou know how much those two were so loved and cared about their fellow DJ brethren. I just found out Eldon is in hospice care, moved there after being admitted to the hospital last week. Please say a prayer, and I'm working to...
  12. Bill_Goode

    George Michael (wham!) Passed Away
  13. Bill_Goode

    Best Trend This Season?

    Hi! Wondering what everyone has seen this holiday season regarding events that really caught their eye... :) Spill the beans, let's share!
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    What A Weekend!

    Let me share what was written this weekend... Sent from my iPad using Mobile Beat mobile app
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    Iphone 7 Released, Possibly More Dj Friendly

    Howdy, The new iPhone 7 and 7+ were announced today!! DJs take note of a few of the new features: - Confirmed, the earphone jack is gone! Adapters to connect earphones to the lightning plug will be required for feeding a system with 3.5mm jacks. - Do you blog, snap photos, or do video? The...
  16. Bill_Goode

    A Damn Good Way To Put It!

    Hi, We have seen the blood wars of the interwebs go on, and even before. This blog is very concise and offers a sage suggestion how to deal with being a pro and the fine art of biting one's tounge. My suggestion is to read it, take it to heart, print it out, hang it over your phone and...
  17. Bill_Goode

    Now That #mblv20 Is Over...

    So now that us DJs are home from ‪#‎mblv20‬, instead of hearing how it was the best show ever (we know it was!!!), what is the first action you are taking as a direct result of the show to better your business/performance/yourself?
  18. Bill_Goode

    What Would You Like To Get Out Of Vegas This Year?

    Hi, The question stands... Going into MBLV, what are your goals to accomplish by going to the show this year? Do you have goals? Curious to see.... I will share mine later in the thread.
  19. Bill_Goode

    Tossing An Idea Around...

    Good morning folks, I have a thought in the back of my head swirling around, thought it would be good to put it out there (yea, I always get in trouble when I think)... Been looking at my setup in different ways, and would like to update the look of it. There are the usual plethora of lights...
  20. Bill_Goode

    Revisiting The Mobile Beat Top 200

    Hi, It is no secret I am a fan of lists, especially music lists. The MB Top 200 is comprehensive, and I have several other lists that help guide music recommendations I make. Do you have a list that you utilize for reference? What I am looking for are lists that one does not have to fork...