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  1. winsorpd

    Jamstar Lighting

    Hey all, If you've placed an order with this company and that order remains unfilled, would you please PM me with the date you ordered, etc. I'm trying to find out how many orders are outstanding. Peace. Dave Winsor
  2. winsorpd

    Reframe the arguement

    Howdy, When someone asks for a quote from you for a wedding, and then they get back to you with the news that someone is offering to do the job for $250 or less, don't argue that point. You can't beat the price, but you can beat the hell out of the service difference you will provide...
  3. winsorpd

    Peace be with you John

    I only spoke with John once. As any of you who have spoken with John, that's all it took. You were a friend in an instant. God Bless John and his family! Dave Winsor ps. Please be sure to appreciate each other only takes a moment.
  4. winsorpd

    Funny how stuff happens....

    At a recent wedding, I approached a table of older folks to say hello. They struck up a conversation and in the process of the discussion they told me that ALL the couples at the table had been married for OVER 50 years each. WOW. Requested: Twilight Zone (When The Bullet Hits The Bone is...
  5. winsorpd

    My nightmare turned into a dream.

    Saturday afternoon reception at a coastal Maine hotel within sight of Walker's Point, home to Bush 41. Outdoor music remoted across a lawn to a veranda. Perfect. Everyone indoors for the intro's, great. Dinner music, heavy Italian Irish. Beautiful. Someone in the hotel turned on a row of...
  6. winsorpd

    horror story

    Djfatman.... Good luck to you sir! You have been the only constant and with a little reassurance for the bride and groom, you will rule the day. Thanks for giving us all a good name! Dave ps. WHAT a horror story though...
  7. winsorpd

    What is your business structure?

    Howdy, If you are a business, how are you set up? Sole proprietor? LLC? How and what are the benefits? Why did you choose the way you did? Single ops only please. Dave
  8. winsorpd

    Walla Balla anyone?

    Howdy, The trail has gone cold. I can't find them anywhere, Spencer's, EBAY, etc. Do you know where I can find 'em? Thanks, Dave ps. searched the archives, but the posts I saw were older
  9. winsorpd

    What's the norm here...4 hour or 5 hours standard reception

    The other post about rates raised my eyebrows. Do you sell your packages at 4 hours...or 5? Base packages only. No ceremony. Let's hear it. Thanks, Dave