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    Gulf Coast Area DJs

    DJs in Mobile, AL, Florida panhandle, and MS gulf coast - there is a blog set up at for the purpose of local networking and gear exchange. To my knowledge (except for may Pensacola), there is not a regional disc jockey association of any kind. Who knows...
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    I need MySpace friends

    If you are so inclined, post your myspace link for networking. MySpace hasn't gone away and a presence isn't a bad thing - in MY opinion. I searched for a list, to no avail, if there is one please let me know and this post can be deleted... :) This is not intended to start a discussion...
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    Wanted: Colorsplash 196

    Looking for ONE Chauvet Colorsplash 196 (white can). There are plenty of new ones out there :D but I am piecing back together a system...looking to grab one of those good deals.
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    Spandex skirts for speaker stands?

    I see spandex-type skirts for tables, chairs, etc, but not yet for tripod speaker stands...for the legs. This would really dress up a speaker stand; does anyone know who may sell these?
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    VUE Re{Vue}

    I read some of the posts on the Chauvet Vue fixtures, as well as the ADJ Revo units. Understanding the differences and that the Revo is probably a little better, has anyone had any problems or issues to speak of? Mainly reliability, major defects, etc... Thanks to all
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    Howling wireless mic

    I use JBL Eon G2s and a Behringer VMX-1000 mixer. When I use most wireless mics, I cannot seem to get enough gain before feedback, unless I use the 1/4" output on the microphone receiver. Still it isn't as good as I'd like it. Aside from the issues of speaker placement, frequency/EQ...
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    DMX lighting question (newbie)

    I will consider myself a newbie when it comes to DMX lighting. I have 4 Chauvet Colorsplash fixtures (white can) and an Elation Operator controller (16 channels). I am able to program the fixtures, each individually addressed. However, when I try to add a fixture like a Martin SCX-500, for...
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    Looking for a song

    Can someone direct me to a legal source for Nelly's Hot in Here Super Clean edit, if such exists? mp3 download or cd purchase are both fine. Thank you
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    DJ Software - down to three

    OK I've been trying out demo versions of DJ software for a while and have narrowed my choices to these three: PCDJ Virtual DJ Mixmeister Fusion There are things I like/dislike about each. PCDJ - I like the recordcase concept and the playlist total time display. Don't care for the...
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    Interesting way to kick off December

    Well, I will be cruising on the Southern Belle dinner boat on Saturday for a fraternity party. It starts at 10:30pm and goes to 1:30am. The boat is two levels but at least this time I'm downstairs = inside. Does anyone know what is going over well with fraternities these days? I figure...
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    Rackmount PC - How noisy?

    I am setting up a PC primarily for audio/video recording and editing. It will be in a studio-type setting. How noisy are rackmount PCs (comparitive to standard PC) and are there any that are less noisy?
  12. C Laplid - Booch

    OK, I'm still working on this, but wanted to get some pics up. I plan to add a Gator GRC Base cabinet to set my 10x6 on, in the future I'll put my rack mount PC in the Base. But that's another day. Here are a few pics of the laplid (CSNL) installed in a Gator GRC 10x6 case (I will fill in...
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    Adding quick connectors to my case

    I want to add quick connectors (xlr, 1/4", power) to my Gator case. Several people have done this...does it work best with the connectors on the side of the case, or in a panel in the front of the rack? Panel would seem easier. Also, please point me to a good source for the hardware. Thanks
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    Odyssey Laptop Stand

    Has anyone actually used this? I read some earlier threads about similar products but not this one. I looked at this also but it looks kind of big.
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    Mackie and it's Yorkville equivalent...

    * With all due respect, I would like this to stay in the Mackie/Yorkville court. Thank you * When considering Mackie's SWA1501 subs and 1521 tops, what are the Yorkville equivalents? Not that they are equals (we all have our opinion), but you get my drift, I hope. I am thinking the Elite...
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    Song Categories - Your opinions?

    Care to share how you separate songs into groups? I am working on this and have made a few changes since I started, as far as classifying songs... Do you have a group for Country, or do you have Modern Country, Classic Country, Slow Country, etc..? A group for Rock-n-Roll, or 80's Rock...
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    Issue with DMX-40

    I wasn't able to find this specific issue in a search... I have a Chauvet DMX-40 that I cannot seem to get to save a scene/program. I am following the directions in the manual - the MIDI/ADD button does not seem to have any effect on the process. I even tried deleting an existing scene...
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    Amp question for the pros

    I have a friend who installed this in a room used mainly for live sound. The room is about 60 x 60: 2 - Yamaha S215V (1000W each pgm) 1 - QSC RMX1450 running in parallel mode I'm not completely clear on parallel mode on this amp. He is not running bridged mono or stereo. I think the...
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    New spam email?

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    Opinion of EV FRI+152/94

    Anyone ever used or had experience with these speakers? They were installed in my church. They sound good for the application - we're starting to look towards Phase II and wondered if I should go with something different. Not sure if this is an outdated model.... {{{ B I L L ??? }}}