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  1. Chris Wagner

    A Windows 10 Miracle? Need Your Thoughts

    If you are running a machine with 7 or 8 and at some point you want to revert, there is a rollback time (mentioned earlier). If you have the disks, another option is a fresh install. You'll lose anything on that drive, so be sure you've backed up everything you want/need. I'm a fan of fresh...
  2. Chris Wagner

    Getting Digital File Titles To Web Site List

    I've always liked Tag and Rename for easy management of my MP3s. There is an export option so you can get the data you need for your DJ Intelligence upload.
  3. Chris Wagner

    School jocks, look out!

    Grinding is their dance. It's a far cry from a formal fox trot, but that is the recent generation's form of dance. So, when you tell a kid they can't dance, it's no wonder they won't go to event where they then just stand around. That's the simple principle. Now, there is the whole morality...
  4. Chris Wagner

    How do you keep the kids from bumping into your laptop at the dance.

    Most times, the kids are just curious what you're doing. As long as it's innocent, I don't mind kids watching. I might even engage them and spin the platter on my CDJ2000 (the one not playing, though). If there's jerks, they know it and I'll call them out. But mostly, I think they are just...
  5. Chris Wagner

    The students all walked out!

    Had a similar situation with a cranky principal. They have since switched DJ companies, but they've put such a negative vibe on the dance, the attendance is way down. It was easy to blame the me the original DJ (me) even after going through a detailed pre-approval music process. Their turn...
  6. Chris Wagner

    Anyone use BluePay ?

    The decision to remove manually processing of cc numbers through the DJ Intelligence gateway was forced by new credit card compliance standards.
  7. Chris Wagner

    Tried Windows 8...Are they $#!++!ng me????

    While Windows 8 takes a little getting used to and has some quirks, this is an "all about touch" world we're in or will be in. No, your laptop or desktop today may still be a few years old or you didn't buy a touch screen, but you're seeing a lot more "convertible-style" devices out there...
  8. Chris Wagner

    Do you have music on your website?

    Not only is it annoying, but what if the song you chose to have playing is not liked by your visitor? You'll lose a potential customer as they'll be turned off by a song they don't like. Videos are fine. Samples are fine. But let the visitor make these selections and don't force it on them.
  9. Chris Wagner

    Postcards to Schools?!?!?!?!?!

    Years ago when I did full-fledged mailings, I actually had a good response with mailings. I wanted to make my life easier with postcards. I feel I have to send them more frequently than I used to send my 1st class mailings. Times change and there are different generations of people running...
  10. Chris Wagner

    Fees for homecoming, prom, other...

    I'm with Arnoldo, here. Homecomings are typically 5 maybe 6 weekends... all on Saturdays. Proms might be a little different as I've seen them on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Our homecomings usually have all grade levels and in gyms that need a ton of sound. I have base packages for...
  11. Chris Wagner

    Show Us Your setup ......

    Are the rules that it must be all your gear?
  12. Chris Wagner

    Sub help...

    I have a pair of the EV ZXA1 subs and really like them. I intend to get a second pair and the tops for my 150 person events.
  13. Chris Wagner

    Backup software for use on external hardrive

    I like sync toy on my Windows machine:
  14. Chris Wagner

    mp3 issues

    That's when I would have went to one of my back up hard drives of music and restored from there.
  15. Chris Wagner

    Macbook Air Vs. Macbook Pro Vs. PC

    Hi Steve, My apologies if you felt I was questioning the exact specs you noted in you post. My intent was simply to point out that you typically get what you pay for and that a cheap Windows laptop will usually not provide the same features and expand ability as a more expensive one.
  16. Chris Wagner

    Macbook Air Vs. Macbook Pro Vs. PC

    Be careful here with general statements. If you buy a PC-based system for $500-700, you can't reasonably expect it to have all the capabilities of a system 2x-3x more expensive. If you buy a good PC-based system in the upper price ranges, you have plenty of flexibility. All depends what you...
  17. Chris Wagner


    I download remixed tracks from time to time from them. No issues with clicking the link next to a song.
  18. Chris Wagner

    Bonus music on PrimeCuts MP3 this week

    Just be careful of the f-bomb at the end.
  19. Chris Wagner

    TM Century charts... Missing Songs?

    Did you write or call them to get their response?
  20. Chris Wagner

    Google Merchant services???

    I've signed up for it to replace my regular merchant services. Haven't put it to the test yet... but I do like that it integrates with DJ Intelligence...