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    Most states won't let you carry in a that sells alcohol for on-premises consumption. In Texas, you can't carry in an establishment(restaraunt,etc) that gets 51% of their revenue from alcohol.
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    How's this?
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    New Internet Based Computer Monitor Cleaner
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    How Many Remember
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    This pic needs a caption...

    My smile looks better after I put my teeth back in.
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    If you hit the lottery ....

    I would bring all my bills to a ZERO balance, and leave the remainder in the bank for rainy day fund. It could pour someday.
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    DJ stopped by the "man" ...

    I wonder what a criminal really looks like...All I ever saw when doing law enforcement was people who made stupid decisions for their life(some deadly).
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    Why do women get a permanent when it doesn't last forever.
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    do people drive on a parkway, and park in a driveway
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    Your Tombstone

    People did not care how much I knew, but knew how much I cared.
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    Inspirational Quotes

    People will not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.
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    OT (Sort of): GET A PHYSICAL!!!

    For weight loss without worrying so much about portion control, my doctor told me to try and follow a low-glycemic index diet. Different foods spike insulin levels more quickly which causes you to feel more hungry, and plays with fat levels. Here is one place you can check this out...
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    My observations of the PETER MERRY wedding I attended Friday

    Just my 2 cents worth with help from Celtic Woman: We're all a part of one world we all can share the same dream and if you just reach out to me then you will find deep down inside I'm just like you Loud voices raised in anger speak harsh words such cruel words why do they...
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    A thought on a back up library
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    Talent. As a DJ what does that imply?

    When you get lots of business thrown your way from past clients I would think that means you got something.
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    Detroit - ST Louis

    Sorry Tigers fans.
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    What is your greatest DJ asset??

    My biggest asset is my charming, loving wife that stands behind me in all my endeavours, and is always there to pick me up when I fall. She is the glue that holds me and my business together.
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    GroovieLou's Mother...

    May beautiful memories give you strength during this difficult time.
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    "556" - My response.

    I surely hope that all on this and other boards can truly get along in harmony. When it all comes down, the only person that I have to please at the end of the day is ME. I truly believe the words that state that if you can't say something good about someone, then say nothing and better to be...