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    Denver DJs: wanna fill in for me at a club?

    I don't check these boards very often so please e-mail me directly if you are interested. jaykacik@gmail.oom I need a fill-in for a club gig on Aug 5. It may only be for a couple of hours, maybe more. It is centrally located near the mousetrap. This may just be a one-time deal...
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    Need Song Help (Ray Charles)

    Client asked about a Ray Charles song that would be good for the father/daughter dance. Suggestions? Thanks! - J
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    I need some help with some music lists - Please...

    I have a client that has asked me for lists of the top 100 in the following categories. Can you help with a list? Funk R-n-B (like James Brown, Prince, KC and the Sunshine band, etc.) Classic Rock Motown Oldies Pop I can't just give him the Mobile Beat Top 200. He wants the...
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    Journey is back?

    Had a 20th class reunion last night and played some songs that I haven't played in a while. Here's some that surprised me: Journey-"Open Arms" and "Faithfully"-haven't played these at a wedding in years, but they were awesome last night. People couldn't get to the dance floor fast enough...
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    Need music help

    I have a client who requested the classic jazz standards for cocktails and dinner, but for the cocktails portion would like the bulk of the tunes to be instrumental. So...I'm looking for a bunch of instrumental versions of: Sinatra, Ella, Nat "King" Cole, Louis, Billie, Sarah Vaughn, etc...
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    Attn: CO DJs, want a free roadie?

    I would love to volunteer my services as your roadie for one gig. In return, I just want to observe you at work. If you would like, we can arrange to have you observe me at a gig also. This is all in an effort to better myself. I'll bet there is AT LEAST 1 thing I can learn from you, and...
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    A VERY bouncy floor (and laptop)!

    Do I need to do anything more? I played at a very old restaurant last night. The floors have were VERY bouncy. You can see my set up (from a previously gig) that shows the foam under the laptop to keep it floating. The foam (from Bobby Morganstein) worked well. I've been using it for...
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    1st time I've taken pix of my digital system!

    From my gig last night. (Tues. wedding!) Still needs some tweaking though. - J (Edited): OK, I attached a bunch of pix, but they don't show. What am I doing wrong?
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    attn: Beverly, MA DJs - Interesting, non DJ gig

    Got this e-mailed to me today. I'm in Colorado so this isn't my gig. But it may be yours. It sounds like fun and perfect for a DJ. The link is long and I will copy and paste the info about the gig too...
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    SERIOUS static!

    Super dry Colorado air... Me, electrifying... Serious static at my gig last night. Everytime I touched my rig or lighting tripod, I would get a static shock and a "tick" sound through my system. I was very concerned with causing my computer some static related problems. The gig went...
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    Otsdj - song loaded but no audio - HELP!

    At a gig, everything was going as normal, then tragedy...The song ended and the next one started, but there was no audio! The meter on the player showed level, but not on the on-board mixer. The deck was "on-air" and crossfader position was proper. I played with the "on-air" and "cue"...