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  1. jwg

    Welcome to the newest members of

    Have seen some new folks posting in the last couple days. I'm sure you're here as a result of the Mobile Beat conference. Or, if you're a lurker that's active again...welcome back!
  2. jwg

    It could be a bad day if...

    You head out the door and see this...
  3. jwg

    NEW Billy Joel song to listen to...

    Over at, some Billy Joel news. COLUMBIA RECORDS ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF "ALL MY LIFE," BILLY JOEL'S FIRST NEWLY-WRITTEN & NEWLY-RECORDED POP SONG SINCE 1993's "RIVER OF DREAMS" Billy Joel's new pop single, "All My Life," will premiere on from February 7 - February 14...
  4. jwg

    Some Ho Ho Ho....Ho Ho Ho Ho LOL

    Enjoy! The Santa Sessions
  5. jwg

    Year-end charts out soon...any prediction on #1 song?

    Wondering your thoughts on what you think the #1 song will be in the following categories - CHR (Top 40) A/C (Adult Contemporary) Country Rock Alternative Urban
  6. jwg

    Off-topic - California folks... need a favor!

    There is a huge amount of talk on a local media blog about a morning news show on KHIZ-TV in California that is made to look like it originates from California... when it originates from Erie, PA!! Would like someone to get a few minutes of video from this morning show so I can post it on...
  7. jwg

    OT - A Charlie Brown Christmas

    Still a classic even after 40+ years! :) - Watching it now on ABC.
  8. jwg

    Funny pic of the day...

  9. jwg

    Making the KV2 investment :)

    Have decided that the KV2 EX10's will supplement the purchase of the EX2.2 bass module. Have had the Mackie 450's since 2000 or 2001 and think it's time to make a sound reinvestment. Can't wait for the first event with the 10's!!
  10. jwg

    KV2 EX2.2 .... thumpin' baby!

    Thanks to Dr. Bill at ESC getting me the proper power cable, was able to use my EX2.2 tonight at a school dance. 4 tops and the 2.2 THUMPIN' BABY! Ran them high pass out to my Mackie 450's and actually had to tun the volume on the sub down to almost 0. There was that much bass! Current 2.2...
  11. jwg

    Amazing what you find on the internet when you least expect it. Fan of classic TV shows? Check out this site...
  12. jwg

    KV2 EX2.2 Bass Module - AC adaptor?

    Well, after purchasing the EX2.2 in August, was finally looking forward to using this bass module at a school dance tonight. Had everything hooked up. Plugged the powercon cable into the back of the sub and went to plug the other end of the cable into a power conditioner and alas...not your...
  13. jwg

    Ahh, the beloved (sometimes hard to get) single version

    Have undertaken a project in the last few months in locating 'single versions' of older songs from the 1970s-1990's. Utilizing sites like, and a local corner record shop, and borrowing a friend's USB turntable, have been able through vinyl 45's and CD singles get MP3's of...
  14. jwg

    The gradual transition and change in dinner music

    Been thinking lately as the last couple years cocktail and dinner music genres are changing. You can even go to your neighborhood Applebee's and Bob Evans and here the changes in background music. Yes, guilty as charged for YEARS ago tracking Kenny's G's greatest hits. How nice now that our...
  15. jwg

    LEGAL music downloads available for Canadian DJ's
  16. jwg

    Mozilla Firefox/SiteAdvisor version 23 issue

    Been surfing the web with FF for 18 months or so. Been using the McAfee (used to be a unknown stand-alone) SiteAdvisor for safe surfing (cutting down on spyware etc.) They recently upgraded to V23.0 of SteAdvisor and several times this weekend, couldn't open up FF as it would hang...
  17. jwg

    And the lowball magic number is...

    TWICE in the last 2 days, I've been told they can get a deeeejay for $250.00 for 4 hours. Wished them both well. Even told one inquiry that I refuse to play the hall they will have their holiday party in. Amazing.
  18. jwg

    Currency - Where Da Cash At..

    WOW, Had to listen closely to this one. The way he sings the "...Cash At" part sounds like he singing the word s**t!
  19. jwg

    Jock Jams Basketball Warmup Mix?

    Want to make sure I purchase the correct Jock Jams CD. Which volume has a basketball warmup mix lasting maybe 3 or 4 minutes?
  20. jwg

    "Crocodile Hunter" dead...