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  1. Chris Wagner

    Production Rig at HS

    A quick little video from a few high school events:
  2. Chris Wagner

    DJ Collapses... And Dies

    Didn't know this gentleman, but you never like to hear about one of our own... 29... very young.,0,7401082.story
  3. Chris Wagner

    Verizon to Change Privacy Policy & How It Uses & Collects Data

    Verizon now tracks and shares Web surfing, location, app usage October 13, 2011 | 9:18am Verizon Wireless has made a change in its privacy policy that clears the nation's largest wireless carrier to track its subscribers' Web browsing, location and app usage habits. The change in...
  4. Chris Wagner

    School Dances: Slow Songs

    Even if you're keeping your dances mostly upbeat, I'm sure you're throwing in a few couples dances from time to time. I came up empty with current slow dance music. What did I miss? What are you playing?
  5. Chris Wagner

    School Bans Explicit Dancing

    I love that this school just started to see grinding and that it's songs with heavy bass and constant pounding. Could that be any more vague?
  6. Chris Wagner

    XP SP2 Users

    Quick public service message here to remind everyone who might be using XP SP2 that its last day of support is July 13. After this date, there will be no further security updates available for the product. Interestly enough, this includes Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 for SP2. If keeping...
  7. Chris Wagner

    Grinding / Freak Dancing: Your DJ Position

    There has been some media attention given to grinding, freak dancing, and the overall nature of dancing at school dances. Now it's your turn to sound off. 1) What is your position as a DJ and/or owner of your company? 2) If you were the principal or administrator at your school and...
  8. Chris Wagner

    My "Do Not Play" list on Friday

    2 hour junior high dance... (copied from her list) Whatever you Like T.I Bad Romance Lady Gaga Tik Tok Kesha Emprie State of Mind Jay Z Shots Party Rock Imma Be Black Eyed Peas 3 Brittany Spears In My head Jason Derulo Hard Rihanna Your Love is My Drug...
  9. Chris Wagner

    Pioneer CDJ2000: First Show

    My decks showed up on Wednesday. Couldn't wait to give one of them a test drive while I wait for my coffin to come in. I basically bounced between one side of my dual deck and the new CDJ (using my MP3s) all night. Lots of fun! Can't wait to get the case and finally stop lugging CDs with...
  10. Chris Wagner

    Export ID3 tags to Excel (CSV)

    I'm searching for a program that might be able to scan a drive or folders and pull ID3 tags like artist, title, album, etc. If found a couple on Google... tried one and it didn't do what I had hoped. I'd like to be able to upload my actual list of MP3 (my music library) to DJ Intelligence...
  11. Chris Wagner

    DJ Arrested: No License

    DJ Cited: No License I'm wondering if it has to do with ASCAP/BMI licensing (lack of) or one of the local ordinances in place in Chicago. Still, it's the first time I've ever read that...
  12. Chris Wagner

    How To Check Your MP3s?

    I'm finding a few of my MP3s are garbage. Fortunately, it's the exception rather than the rule. In most cases, there is a flaw on the audio CD from which it was ripped. I've read of a few programs that will scan your MP3s and detect whether they are good or not. Anyone use these? Or...
  13. Chris Wagner

    Groom Got Cold Feet? Donate To Seniors!!

    Thought this was a nice gesture on the bride's part to donate some of the services to seniors: (No, I don't know who the DJ was...)
  14. Chris Wagner

    Preferred External HD

    Skimming the boards I find DJs using many different external HDs. One issue I'm aware of (in my office) is when the HD goes into standby and take a few seconds to kick in when inactive. I suppose if you're fully digital (me... soon... finally...) your HD will always be active so that may be...
  15. Chris Wagner

    Requested but not approved

    Thought this was a most interesting do not play list... some I can see... but others...? Requested but Not Approved: Whatever you Like T.I I kissed a Girl Katy Perry Promiscuous Nelly Furtado In the Ayer Flo Rida Love in this club Usher If I never see your face… Rihanna...
  16. Chris Wagner

    3/7/09 School Playlist

    Kept a playlist this weekend: Buttons Womanizer Lolli Lolli Krazy So What Electric Slide Cha Cha Slide The Anthem I'm In Miami Trick Sandstorm Boom Boom Boom Hot N Cold (rmx) Fight For Your Right Disturbia Paper Planes Halo My Life Would Suck W/out You Now You're Gone -...
  17. Chris Wagner

    Webmin Down?

    Can't seem to get Webmin to load. I went to and got a message that support is now which also wouldn't load. Maybe it's a planned outage... anyone know or experiencing the same issue?
  18. Chris Wagner

    Dance Cancelled: Bomb Threat

    I don't believe any of the Chicago DJs who frequent the boards (Allen, Stevie, Anthony, Len, Adrian, etc.) have this school as a client. How bad would that suck for you as the DJ during peak season and also for the students?
  19. Chris Wagner

    No Dates For Homecoming? No Problem!

    I think this sort of thing became prevelant 5 years ago... took the Tribune that long to write an article on it.,0,5174976.story
  20. Chris Wagner

    Self Employed & Lonely?

    Definitely the sounds of some sort of lame personal ad... Actually, the article I'm going to reference has an interesting concept dubbed "coworking". It's basically renting out space at a reasonable cost outside the home in order to interact with others (or avoid the typical "noise" that...