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    SAME SEX WEDDING; Would You, Have You?

    I have performed at 2 same sex events - 2 males and the other 2 females. Both were great events and I would not hesitate in doing it again. Here in New York it isn't legal yet but I imagine that it will be someday and will be a huge market. I try to be non-judgmental as far as the lifestyle...
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    Still looking for Walla Balla at a decent price a Piece

    I have eight, which I bought when they first came out. Four have been used once and the other four, haven't been used at all. While they are fun, I only work weddings, so they didn't get used. I will post this in the used gear section after my wedding today. I think I paid $15 each. Since they...
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    Promo Only High School Musical 2?!?!

    I also received a copy. Cool!! Thanks Promo Only, that was really nice. I've been a subscriber for over 10 years. I think I will email them a thank you note right now.
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    Tip o' the cap to CAP! Happy B-day!

    Hi Cap! Happy Birthday! Bob
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    Morman Singles Group

    I performed at a wedding 15 years ago for a Mormon couple. Since it was a dry wedding, I didn't expect it to be a very lively group. Boy, was I wrong! They danced all night and had a wonderful time. It was very refreshing to see so many people getting high on life without the use of alcohol. It...
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    Sound System – Electrovoice (EV) System 200

    Whoops!!! I thought this was going in used gear for sale! Duh! Sorry about that.
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    Sound System – Electrovoice (EV) System 200

    Sound System – Electrovoice (EV) System 200 This is an excellent sound system that is lightweight and great for weddings and parties up to 350 people. The powered bass modules won’t shake a gym for school dances (OK for proms) but they do fill out the sound nicely. Many parties only need one...
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    Sign in please

    I visit frequently.
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    Any Guitar Players Here?

    Playing guitar is a wonderful thing. I played gigs on guitar and keyboards through college (early 70s) and then for 10 years after that. I had a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top and a Gibson SG. Now I have a Strat and a nice Ibenez acoustic. I teach my 6th grade general music classes guitar. Start with...
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    Elementary School Gig

    This is my 29th year being a public school music teacher and I've done a number of elementary parties. The trick is to keep them moving in as many organized events as possible - line dances, The Locomotion, Limbo. Y.M.C.A., Twist contests, dance contests, games like they play at a roller rink...
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    Mixer hum - please help

    Thanks Nick and Mike for the replies. Connecting the ground wire didn't make a difference. I'm using XLR to XLR high quality cables. I took the mixer to a Guitar Center to compare it to others to make sure there was a hum and that I'm not going crazy. The good news is that there is a hum. I was...
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    Mixer hum - please help

    I am getting a hum when I plug the mixer into the amp by itself with no inputs being used. I don't want to say what brand it is and where I got the original mixer from because they have been very nice replacing it twice already. I want to make sure that I am not doing something wrong. I...
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    BOSE PAS Pic and baby review

    I got interested in the Bose PAS last year. I went to the Mobile Beat show in Niagra Falls to hear them but they weren't there. I went to the DJ Expo in AC in August and they were not there either. I went to the closest Guitar Center which is 40 miles away four times. One time they weren't...
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    For the 'fit n trim' DJs only - I need advice :)

    I bought a Total Gym 1700 about a year ago from Dick's Sporting Goods for around $300. I use it once in a while but mostly, I go to the gym and use Nautilus equipment. The TG is OK for firming and maintaining muscle tone and works well when I can't get to the gym. You are supposed to use light...
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    Pic of New Bose Setup

    As long as everyone else is showing off their new gear, I will too. I bought my Bose PAS system through Cap. He gave my wife and I a personal demonstration of the system's capabilities before one of his gigs. I was sold after a few minutes. Cap really knows his stuff and is very willing to...
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    ADJ Starball 2 Question

    I recently purchased an ADJ Starball 2 with the thoughts of placing it in front of my setup on top of my 4 Bose B1s. This would serve 2 purposes, one looking nice, especially reflecting off my Table Topper and 2, it would also discourage people from setting their drinks on the B1s. The...
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    DJ Skirts

    I carry a 6 and 8 foot table jackets with me to each gig. I use them when good looking skirted tables are not provided. I always use the "Topper", which looks very professional.
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    What is the correct way to set gain?

    As a former rock guitarist, turning everything up to 11 feels kind of natural. Thanks everyone for the info. Bob
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    "Hey Baby" dance mix played in Niagara Falls

    Thanks again guys for the info. Hi Cap! I'm planning on going to Atlantic City again. I'll see you there! Bob
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    What is the correct way to set gain?

    Hi Guys! Thanks for the information. It is time to wake the neighbors! Bob