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    Sound System – Electrovoice (EV) System 200

    Sound System – Electrovoice (EV) System 200 This is an excellent sound system that is lightweight and great for weddings and parties up to 350 people. The powered bass modules won’t shake a gym for school dances (OK for proms) but they do fill out the sound nicely. Many parties only need one...
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    Mixer hum - please help

    I am getting a hum when I plug the mixer into the amp by itself with no inputs being used. I don't want to say what brand it is and where I got the original mixer from because they have been very nice replacing it twice already. I want to make sure that I am not doing something wrong. I...
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    ADJ Starball 2 Question

    I recently purchased an ADJ Starball 2 with the thoughts of placing it in front of my setup on top of my 4 Bose B1s. This would serve 2 purposes, one looking nice, especially reflecting off my Table Topper and 2, it would also discourage people from setting their drinks on the B1s. The...
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    What is the correct way to set gain?

    I'm sure that this has been covered before but I can't find it. I'm experimenting with my system and am trying a crossover instead of an ev xp200a signal processor. How do you set the gain on the mixer, crossover and amps (qsc plx3002)? Is there a certain order which you do this? I hae been...
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    "Hey Baby" dance mix played in Niagara Falls

    Does anyone know what mix was played at the Monday night party in Niagara Falls of "Hey Baby" (oldie version done by Bruce Channel) and where it can be obtained? I found a version by DJ Otzi on the Kangaroo Jack soundtrack but don't know if that is it. Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun...
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    Is my gear ruined? Please help!

    Hi Everyone! I did a tent wedding for about 200 last night. Before plugging in, I checked the outlet for proper ground and also tried it with a light. For outdoor parties I use a high end surge protector that I got at Staples which has better specs than the rack models that I have researched...